D&D & sex: thuggish advances

Title D&D & sex: thuggish advances
Author Rudy Basso
Posted in Features
When November 28, 2012

"Roll initiative?" Vegas asked. "But we aren't even fighting!" "Yes, you are," James corrected him. "You're all in a tavern having a drink when a group of thugs bust down the door. 'Give us all your gold,' they sneer." James is big into voices..

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This series is actually pretty darn great...

Is this literally just a series about the first time you played D&D with a woman? If so, why is it called "D&D and sex"? Is playing an RPG with a female really that unusual? And if so, why is Audrey barely in this narrative?

Surely this is all going somewhere... right?

Also, man you have some stereotypical geek friends. Joke accents, tavern fights, a poor grasp of social boundaries. The whole thing reads like a mild parody of a D&D game.

About 5 seconds after I open QT3 this morning, my wife comes into the office and finds me staring bemusedly at a picture of two dragon figurines in a compromising position with the headline "D&D & sex". There's a noticeable pause before she says "I don't want to know". Took quite a bit of explaining that actually it's QT3 and... *sigh*.

Although I haven't played D&D in a LOOONG time, this series is very enjoyable!

“As the bodies are cleared from the tavern, the town’s mayor – who had
been drinking at the bar – approaches you,” James continued. “‘Oh thank
goodness, adventurers!’ he exclaims. ‘Despite our professionally trained
city guard and substantial militia, I have a task that I believe only
you four strangers can perform!’” = +1

Hello mercenary persons! I have money, and a problem.

Psst. They're not real.

He goes on these weird fiction kicks sometimes. It actually can be really good. It can also be... middling.

I'm hoping this turns around.

Psst. They're not real.

He goes on these weird fiction kicks sometimes. It actually can be really good. It can also be... middling.

I'm hoping this turns around.

Why on Earth do I have to go in Chrome's Incognito mode to get the Disqus, facebook, etc. buttons and sign in button to work for comments on this site, and ONLY this site??

Aaaand I just realized this is some other person. Idk, maybe it is real then. I hope not.

Aside from some exchanges that seem off... I've never seen the party wizard friendly fire that many allies and not get lambasted for it. That certainly sounds like fiction to me.

Don't listen to them, this thing is great! I don't care if you're making these guys up. FWIW when I had a gaming group oh so long ago, we had a Vegas who would flirt with any female under 40, in-game or out. He got married, and he's much better now.

This is the third installment - you just noticed that Tom isn't the author? That's not meant to be harsh in any way - I'm just honestly curious whether people read bylines or if the general assumption is that the stuff on the front page is written by Tom.

This is the first one I've seen. I only check here once a week, maybe twice, and read through whatever is interesting. This sounded vaguely like the fiction Tom writes, so I thought it was him.

No, I almost never read bylines. There's rarely a point. The sites I frequent, I can generally tell who's writing. The ones I don't, it doesn't matter (unless the thing I read hooks me).

I'm looking forward to the rest of your new WitE AAR, btw. The last was one of the best things I've read regarding wargames in quite a while.