D&D 2....gods and dragons or something

Anyway, sci-fi channel is showing a new D&D movie, which they are calling D&D 2. It actually has the same bad guy is the first (horrible) movie. I plan to TIVO it, despite that first movie because I am a sucker (and a succour) for bad movies. I even gave Skeleton Man a chance, to my eternal despair.

Personally, I found the first movie quite amusing. Hey, it had dragons! And beholders!

I think this second movie was MUCH better than the first movie. Yes, some of the writing was cheezy, but it’s fantasy…that’s going to happen. I enjoyed it a lot and was pleasantly surprised.

I think I caught some of this flipping through channels; I recall the fighter chick was a honey, and the overall feel kinda felt like a Hercules or Xena episode. Then I changed the channel to One Piece or Naruto or what-have-you.

Pirates + Ninjas > Sci Fi Original Cheese

If it came down to it, though, I think Monkey D. Luffy would kick Naruto’s ass.

Well, although Luffy is a rubberman, Naruto is a NINJA. C’mon, he can flip out and kill people and stuff. Or, at the very least, spawn a thousand naked chicks with his shadow-clone-sexy-jutsu thing. Too bad Luffy’s too oblivious to probably notice or be affected by it, though.