D&D Online - Poll / Roll Call

  1. What server is your main on?
  2. What is your main named?
  3. What is your main’s class(es) and level?
  4. What guild are you in?
  5. Do you play alts?

I’ll go first:

  1. Alg
  2. Velanika Kunikos
  3. Wizard 1 (Rank 3)
  4. None, not actively looking for one but wouldn’t mind. Usually solo late at night.
  5. Yes, surname is also Kunikos. I’ll dig up the first name, it’s a cleric at level 1.
  1. Thelanis
  2. Jivey Mcfly
  3. Paladin 3 (Rank 12)
  4. None
  5. A bit, Lvl 1 Ranger Mesmerina Chest.
  1. Argonenenenssseenensense
  2. Serinni
  3. Cleric 3
  4. None
  5. Oh yes. Nefir the Rogue, Brynmor the Fighter, and Nivellen the Ranger, all lvl 2. Still agonizing over the last slot.

I play mostly weekend mornings for a few hours.

  1. Thelanis
  2. Jupiter
  3. Wizard 16
  4. The Flaming Vagabonds
  5. If there’s peeps to play with, sure!

I’m sure that about wraps up this thread.


Argo, level 4 cleric.

  1. Thelanis
  2. Gindizzle Tinkertrap
  3. Rogue 1, just out of the tutorial
  4. None
  5. on the free account so only have one more slot, but yes I love alts lol

Damn, 3 Argo & 3 Thelan…
I’d like to give it a bash, but which server to go for??

Heh. So I was into DDO before it was cool. Sue me!

  1. Khyber
  2. Talintra
  3. Fighter 6
  4. Tempest-Aundair (yeah…)
  5. Several. Balasarius - Wiz 5, Godfrey-Aundair - Cleric 3, Ironheade - C1F1, Solenzara - Pal1, Vulcan - Bar5, Zendrak - F1W3. With more to come!
  1. Thelanis
  2. Akiry Copul
  3. Cleric 1(7)

If you’ve ever been into DDO you were into it before it was cool.

  1. Ghallanda
  2. Orland Stonewolf
  3. Paladin (4)
  4. No Guild
  5. Amlunia Silversteel (Rogue)

Looks like folks are all over the map, server-wise. On a whim I decided to form an officially unofficial Qt3 guild on Argonnessen, my primary server. Look for the League of Improbable Heroes; guild leader is my main dude, Tetsukin Nijuhachi, a Warforged barbarian 6 / fighter 2. Drop me a line here or in-game if you want in. Bear in mind this is my first time running a guild, so I have no effin’ clue what I’m doing; don’t even know if I can invite folks who aren’t online. The sooner I find someone willing to be my second-in-command, the better for all concerned. :-) And if this ends up being a guild of one, well, I’m only out 150 points.

My alts in descending order of level are:

Valetta Pathfinder - elf ranger 5 / rogue 1
Jaundiced Lymphoma - drow bard 3 / rogue 1
Altreia Shadobane - drow Favored Soul 3

[QUOTE=Kunikos;1949180]1) What server is your main on?
2) What is your main named?
3) What is your main’s class(es) and level?
4) What guild are you in?
5) Do you play alts?

  1. Argonnesen
  2. Flora, but retired for the most part
  3. 16 cleric
  4. Order of the Ten Bux, which is the SA Goon Guild
  5. Oh yes:
  • Chetter Hummin, 11 warforged monk
  • Qaphsiel, 9 human FvS
    and thanks to the veteran system I have thrown together level 4s for rogue, ranger, warrior, and sorceror
  1. Argo
  2. Fledgeathon Dragonbane
  3. Paladin - level 2, Rank 7
  4. QT3 hopefully…?

If anyone is up for a game, let me know. I’m on at the moment, though I feel I need to mention that I’m pretty much a MMO newbie. So it’ll take a bit for me to figure out the basics…

Thought a paladin fighter is probably a good place to start. Never been in a guild, I assume that I need to find someone who is a member who will invite me? So unbong, if you deem me worthy I’d like to join the Quarter guild!

Lemmion Starpyre, /me puts on his wizard robe and hat (7)
Lemminkainen Kaukomieli, Ranger (3)
Lemmster, Bard (2)

Not on much, but willing to join up with whomever whenever. I’ve listed various IM contacts before, and they are also in my profile. Poke at me if I’m not on and you need another.

Since there are so many folks on Argo I made a new rogue there too

2) Fonterloy Tinkertrap
3) Rogue 1

I rolled a cleric on Argo by the name of Tyndale.