D&D Online - Poll / Roll Call

I have made a level 1 Cleric on Argo

Gregnor Scagbeard

How beefy is the tutorial? If there is one.

It is pretty decent actually.

Hmmm…Downloaded it last week when I could not get my EQ info from SOny…double hmmm.

QUEUES!!! Rawr.

To be honest, I dunno how much time I’ll spend on DDO in the near future with Dragon Age coming this week. But I’ve added the names given of everyone that’s on Argon; I’ll at least try to log in once in a while to see who’s on so I can add them to the guild. [Can’t do guild invites to offline players and no one’s on at the moment.] If people want tips, I am by no means an expert, but I’ve run through the low-level content a few times by now. And if anyone wants to propose a newbies weekly game a la LOTRO Night (are those still going? I wouldn’t want to conflict with them), I’d be up for it.

If we’re congregating on Argo, that’s fine with me. I’ll remake (read: Delete and recreate) a pair of characters there:

Jupiter, the Halfling Wizard-1
Saturn, the Human Fighter-1

Is anyone on Argon planning to play this weekend? To be honest, I expect most of my game time this weekend will be taken up with Dragon Age, but I’d be willing to make some time for a Qt3 team-up.

Yep, both mornings hopefully.

Yeah my DDO gaming is shot now that I have DA:O.

Can’t speak. Dragonaging. Goway.

  1. Argo
  2. Hurrin
  3. Rogue 2
  4. None
  5. Not yet

Into Dragon age myself, but trying to savor it instead of blasting through. So I’ll be on DDO a few hours this weekend.

I’ve added thes to my friends list (Zallia). When we hook up, can I get add rights? I’ve got 4 RL friends to drag in, too.

I don’t anticipate playing this for a while due to DA.

On argonessen I have:

Ylsa the level 4 bard.

I’m definitely up for some adventuring though I too am spending a fair amount of my time with Dragon Age right now.

Yeah, I’ve logged onto DDO a few times in the last week to see if anyone else was on, but no dice so far. Trouble is I can only make guild invites to online players, so LoIH remains a guild of one. :-T

Oh well, at least I’m not paying a monthly fee on DDO, so I don’t mind shelving it for a bit.

PM me. Lets see if we can’t sneak on at a pre-arranged time to add me, and give me add rights.

Guess we keep missing each other, as I have been online a few times too. Even bumped into SteveS, but nobody else yet…

Changed the name of my wizard, he is now Lemmion Starpyre and not a server-merge mangled named.

Also playing Dragon Age atm, so not likely to be found on. Which is why I’ve given all those ways to get in touch with me (PM, IM, etc) if someone wants to organize something.

Haha yeah, my list of friends is around 15, and they’re all red dots whenever I log in. :)

One day, this will work.

Post here or PM me when you plan to be on Argon and I’ll try to meet up, if only to get some folks in the guild who can invite other folks. :-)