D&D Online Stress Test

From www.bluesnews.com:

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach Stress Test is entering a second phase, a paid FilePlanet subscription will no longer be required to help ready the upcoming MMORPG for prime time. Word is: “The Dungeons & Dragons™ Online: Stormreach™ Stress Test is available to all registered FilePlanet members, with or without a paid subscription on Tuesday, December 13 through Saturday, December 17. FilePlanet members with a paid subscription will have access to the exclusive high-resolution client. Members without a paid subscription will have access to the standard client.” Sign ups are being accepted on 3D Gamers and FilePlanet.

I signed up and now I am stuck at this point:

Your unique Dungeons & Dragons® Online: Stormreach™ Stress Test key is reserved for you! Guaranteed!!! Due to high demand, we are distributing keys in groups. You will get your key as soon as your group is released. Watch for your Dungeons & Dragons® Online: Stormreach™ Stress Test key email and have fun!

anyone actually DOWNLOAD the client??

I’m in a FilePlanet download queue. They haven’t failed me yet.
Using Opera here; what point did you fail at?

Just say no.

I’m 20% in on Fileplanet. I had to switch back and forth between Firefox and Opera for the registration, because no one seemed to like one browser for long. And after entering about 10 million of those anti-bot sequences of random letters (because the registration would fail at various points), I’ll probably give up if this download doesn’t work. Why, oh why, does it have to be so tough to play a game for free?

a friend of mine from my own site posted a quicker link to get it:


I am now 70% done AND I didnt have to wait for a stupid cd key … what a load of crap

I hate GSI

well I played it for about 2 to 3 hours and I have to say that it is pretty cool

it faithfully brings back the days of pen and paper D&D

my major quams are:

  1. loading screens between sections of the map – wtf? I thought loading screens were long gone… I guess I am wrong

  2. crates, crates, crates – I also thought the days of breaking crates were gone. There were two missions I had to do where I actually had to break crates to get a key. Jesus! Reminded me of Quake/Half Life 1. I couldn’t believe the game designers can’t come up with something more original.

  3. lag-o-rama – obviously to be expected with a stress test… although be forewarned, sometimes it just isn’t playable

The download was quite a hoop jumping experience, but it’s almost done.

I got my cd key email, but the link they give is broken… Looks as if their script collapsed under load.

I say again, I really, really want this game to be good since everything I’ve read about it sounds awesome, except that the people who have actually played it almost unanimously say it sucks.

Pass. There has yet to be an MMOG that I enjoyed for more than a few months.

CD Key script still not working. Anyone get it working? It’s the link on fileplanet… I’m logged in with the right email, and it gives me a pretty indepth .NET error message.

I don’t see how there can be an NDA now that it’s in open beta…

Heh yeah the crates. They take it further with an entire sequence of quests in a warehouse where you have to break like 200 crates in a set period of time followed by a quest defending a super big crate from crazed goblins. I think it’s intentional.

I haven’t played beta 3.5 yet but my previous play pretty much agrees with “everybody”… it needs a lot of work.

So how do they handle spells for a first level mage? Mana points that regen like every other MMO?

That’s what I’m wondering. It sounds like there is a mana bar, but then there’s also both sorcerer and wizard classes. So if they’ve replaced memorizing spells with a mana bar, what’s the difference between the two classes? I guess I should just download the thing.

Does it try and work with actual D&D rules? Cause if so, it’s an automatic write off in my book.

As with all rpg->computer game translations, they’d be much better served by making a good game that successfully captures the essence of the RPG, rather than trying to implement the rules. Because as anyone knows who’s ever played a pen and paper campaign, the rules are meant to be bent, broken, reconsidered, and in general, fucked with as context requires.

Without that, they are just ridiculously restrictive, frustrating, and annoying.

/me goes back to playing (and alternately hating) NWN

Pass. There has yet to be an MMOG that I enjoyed for more than a few months.

Personally I’d be happy to buy it if I thought it would give me a few (3-4?) months of fun, but the reports so far make that sound pretty iffy.

It definitely tries to work with D&D rules. It has compromised on mana bars for all casters. Sorcerers have more mana and cast much faster than wizards. This is necessary because otherwise wizards are really all advantages. Neither mana nor HP regenerates. When adventuring, every 3-5 fights you come across “rest shrines” which only work once per player per instance. These totally regenerate HP and mana.


Tried to sign up on fileplanet, but I get a pop up saying it’s for suscribers only… Even though the main link that sent me to fileplanet says it’s open to everyone.

So is it worth it?