D&D Online Stress Test

Don’t worry, I got past that bullshit with the popup to get the download, got the cd key email, but the cdkey page is still broken.

It’s free. Give it a shot.

Has anyone actually got this URL (the cd key page) to work?


Is it something with my details? I imagine if it works with other people, it’s just choking on something about my account.

It did on Sunday, when I recieved the mail from fileplanet. I’ve had that happen with other betas though when they go over their limit. Is this a limited beta?

Just checked again and it seems to be working. I am a fileplanet member though, so if that makes a difference.

No. You have mana points, but they do not regen unless you use a rest shrine (once per dungeon) or hang out in a bar. The same goes for health.

I am just filled with so much venom for turbine. Before when then made AC2, I could ignore it because thier world was pretty boaring as it was.

Now they take a good license and totally fuck it up. And worse, they got ANOTHER license I am sure they will do a bang up job of sucking the fun out of, LOTR:Online.

So how many years will we have to wait till someone else does these genras again, only without the suck?

You know, I always wanted to be a game designer, but maybe there is another job for me. Id like to be a big, powerful executive incharge of good licenses so I could make damm sure a quality game was made. Id make a developer sign the devil’s contract and if the game sucked, I would have the option of yanking the license and getting all my money back.

A friend who is a beta tester let me borrow his account last weekend. I played DnD from '79 to '95 so I know the 1st and 2nd edition rules really well. Sat through a few 3rd edition sessions with friends and played NWN and ToEE so I know the basics of the new system fairly well too.

My impression of the game in its current state is that Turbine themselves realized they can’t create a virtual world that has anything near the ‘life’ that games like WoW or EQ boast of. Anyone who played AC2 knows exactly what I’m talking about. So they come up with this dungeons/instances system, and it just_doesn’t_work. I dread seeing what these people will do with MEO.

Hmmm…I wonder if Turbine has to get the game out soon? It sounds like it could use quite a bit more work.

These games have to be fun to play at launch. Most players won’t give them a second chance if they buy and then cancel.

After dying repeatedly while trying to solo Level One, Rank One missions like the Low Road and Miller’s Debt with a Cleric and then a Barbarian I just walked away. The training and port missions are easily soloed but the Stormreach missions seem to all be 1.) party oriented and 2.) badly designed. What no rest in dungeons without a shrine? I have food just allow me to rest once I’ve cleared an area!

From the license agreement:

(iii) you are a natural person who is at least 18 years of age.

Um, what, then, is an unnatural person?




I guess maybe extra terrestrials aren’t allow to play?

It’s legalese to distinguish physical or natural persons (humans) from artificial or juridical persons, stuff like corporations, religions, agencies, etc that are treated as people under the law. So they can be sued, own property, etc.

I think a lot of us are failing the stress test.

Could it also be read to mean “No bots”?

It’s legalese, you can read it any way you want, if you can make it stand up in court. However the standard usage is what I posted above.

did a lot of people do Pencil and Paper (A)D&D ‘solo’? the game, in nearly every form, has always been geared towards group play. why would that change here, why would that change now?

i like the graphics, but, i fall into the “what? i can’t solo?” crowd, so the game is pretty much dead to me.

did a lot of people do Pencil and Paper (A)D&D ‘solo’? the game, in nearly every form, has always been geared towards group play. why would that change here, why would that change now?[/quote]

It’s a computer game. By definition, you are sitting alone in your room with your computer. You are not automatically entering the game with a selection of friends that you know you’ll have fun with. Any game that isn’t designed around that fact is doing things backwards.

They are working on a very specific experience; running through well plotted handcrafted dungeons with a group of friends to complete quests. Not to grind, to complete quests.

It’s a hub system like guildwars so there’s no real persistence, and no PvP, and no running around killing monsters for XP and lewt, and no factioning, and no sharing dungeons with other players. But their focus on one particular aspect of the MMOG experience allows them the development time to get it right, to really perfect the experience of running through a dungeon with your buddies.

That’s the party line, anyway. Whether it achieves that goal is up to you.

The quests I played are very poorly written and about as inspiring as a case of IBS. For example, my first was go into this dungeon and collect 5 gems for generic NPC. Those five gems were oh-so-creatively placed in chests in the center of a room, so I felt like I was being shepherded along like a DnD character riding the short, yellow wagon to the local inn. Loved the room-hallway-room design aesthetic too, particularly the piles of crates filler content. Genius, Turbine, sheer design and art content genius.

It’s a shame these clowns somehow managed to lay hands on both DnD and Middle-earth. Yes, my AC2 wound still suppurates.