D&D Tactics

Damm, I loved diablo and diablo 2. They were a very RPG-lite, action heavy game. Just waves and waves of bad guys to kill and a bunch of uber builds to play with. Sure it got a little old after a while and some places just sucked (First half of Act III), but it was a fun ride while it lasted.

If diablo was a FPS it would be Serious Sam.

If diablo was a MMOG… that would be wicked-fun. I hope one day soon Ill get to try a MMOG like that.

In case you are masochistic enough to read my massive review at RPGWatch

Yeah. This was my take as well.

I really wanted to like this game. I really wanted to like it. I bought a PSP to play it.

It just sucked though. The manual was shit. You had no idea what they translated faithfully and what they did not (ie. what bonus feats do you get, what feats are there, what are the pre-reqs, etc.).

The biggest issue was the UI though. It was so indescribably tedious moving around the maps…it reminded me of Empire of Magic if any of you turn based strat game fans remember that POS.