D2[QT3]: Who's still playing?

I haven’t seen many Qt3ers on lately. Is the D2 Renaissance still on? Who’s still playing and what levels are you?

Oh, and tonight I found a Storm Cudgel wand for any Necros who are interested, with both mana and life leech. Also a Grim Shield with cold resistance, 288 defense and a socket. Also, low level character? I want to clear out my mules again!

I’ve fallen behind most qt3ers because of lack of gaming time, but my level 28 trapsin is currently in the beginning of Act 5 (Normal).

I’m on most nights here, but that’s like 2 AM-8AM GMT. Boy, do I ever have some items for you, Crypt…

Awesome! I’ll try to be on sometime before 8am GMT time tomorrow and I’ll see if you’re around.

I’m a level 73 assassin on Act 2 Hell right now, by the way.

Sorry, man - FFXI.

Still waiting for you guys to come hardcore. I know, I know, it won’t happen. If by some chance it does, I’d definitely recommend joining up at the amazon basin, their games are worlds better than public games, and they’re almost always full.

My trapper-assassin is now level 42 and in nightmare.

Typical hardcore drama last night. Four players in the game I was in said “we’re going to go kill D on another server”. Most of them were still in the low 20s for level, so I was skeptical. 30 minutes later, the only survivor returned.

Same here.

I aint’’ I got sucked into FFXI… I love that game!!!

Playing FFXI but also playing D2 still. When nobody is on in D2 I’m playing FFXI instead.

I just picked up the LOD Expansion Pack yesterday, and am currently in Act II for the first time (on Normal).

Is there a place where Qtr/3 folks are playing specifically?


See the other thread for a list of account names to put in your friends list.

Did I mention that running the Pindleskin/Eldritch/Shenk loop gives ridiculous drops?

after all these talks and updates and new stuff etc i pulled out my d2 discs thinking that i should join the crowd… and the most damnable thing happened… the cd key is smeared… at least 1 character is completely gone, 3 others have little traces left, i tried a number of combinations but its just impossible to guess…

I’ve been playing hardcore – have an amazon (javelin focused, more specifically plague jav at the moment) in the low 20’s. About to go after Duriel.

I’m still playing, but WAY behind. I have a lvl 19 Druid, a lvl 13 Sorc, and a lvl 3 Necro (which I started to play with my wife who just started yesterday). The Druid is the main guy, the Sorc I play when nobody’s around.

Crypt, I’m still playing all the time. But i’m playing HARDCORE!

I got to 50something on the normal ladder with my zon before i had to go away for a few days, and when i got back i decided that the HC ladder was the place for me.


StrokersHard, level 28 HC throwbarb died to Diablo this morning, but luckily I muled off a hellforge hammer and some of the Arctic set before he bit the dust.

Malphigian, look me up. *strokrace on USEast.

I’m seriously considering a hardcore character after I beat Hell with Zuleika, if D2 is still holding my interest. The only problem is that I die all the fucking time with the assassin, although with the xp and 20% cash loss in Hell mode, I’ve gotten a lot better at avoiding it. But I’ve chalked up more than a couple deaths just by accidentally hitting the damn Windows key instead of the alt key.

By the way, thanks to Jason for hooking me up with some really great Assassin equipment. I was hoping I could get some more help: could people in Hell mode keep their eyes out for some high def 2 socket armor for me? I have Nef + Lum and I want to make Smoke.

By the way, I have a +1 to all skills (all classes) Sazabi’s Mental Sheath to give away if anyone needs it. Not a bad helmet.

I played a Javazon a loong time ago, but in single player. I’m just starting to play again online, I’ve got a lvl 12 Paladin (I said JUST starting).
What’s so great about Hardcore?

Disable the windows keys. A quick Google search will turn up the method for your OS.

– Xaroc

I have a program called WinKeyKiller.exe that i run before each d2 session. It runs silently, and then when you open it a second time it pops up a dialog telling you that your windows keys are enabled again.

I was on last night after a week or so hiatus. I don’t even know who I was playing with, but our two barbs uber-tanked Mephisto and Diablo. Mephisto went down without a peep-- I’ve never done it that easily before. I kept dying to Diablo because I had no lightning resist until my friend made him face away from me. I beat on his back while the other guy took the brunt of the lightning and we were fine. I finally got to Act 5 in Normal when USEast died.

I’m only a level 28 dual sword barb. Not long now before I can join you guys in Hell.