Da 5 Bloods - Spike Lee, Netflix, Vietnam

That looks really strong. Perfect time to surface, too.

Great flick, love the actors. Some of the camera work gets a bit artsy fartsy.

I just love looking at Clarke Peters, but it was Delroy Lindo who made this movie. What a performance!

Delroy Lindo always turns in a great performance.

This was really good, some great scenes and the acting is really solid.

A question for those who have seen it: Does anyone know if tying a rope to someone who has stepped on a mine and pulling them away could actually work in practice?

You may need multiple ropes for each body part.

Really enjoyed this. Powerful.

The Hanoi Hannah parts were well done juxtaposed with the moment we are in.

Not de-aging the characters in the flashbacks looks so obvious and natural compared to The Irishman.

“We don’t need no stinkin’ badges”

I shall definitely be watching this. Thanks for the heads up.

Link discusses

We saw this last night, excellent stuff. My wife complained that it jumped the shark a little during the highly telegraphed landmine sequence, but otherwise she was enjoying the characters just being themselves. Isiah Whitlock Jr never disappoints with the timing of his signature catchphrase! Also, as I know Saigon pretty well it was great to see a bunch of locations I was familiar with.

Later in the day we wanted more Chadwick Boseman and watched Marshall. He was great, the movie was not.

It can work, but obviously very iffy, especially if you’re dealing with an old mine that may not work the way it was originally intended.

Regarding the movie, it was okay. I wasn’t as jazzed with it as most folks. First, I thought some of the CG looked really bad, especially the CG blood. It felt like the movie was about 30 minutes too long, in my opinion.

Yeah, about my reaction as well. Decent film, but the whole time I was thinking how this might have turned out had it been in the hands of Tarantino.

Liking it so far. Interesting choice to change the aspect ratio for the flashbacks instead of de-aging the cast. I can’t help but wonder how much of that is due to the budget.

Overall I enjoyed what the movie was [trying to do / doing], working a theme of racial injustice and agency into a fun character / action / treasure hunter piece.

I like how the initial confrontation had some nice overlapping fire / grenade / moving to space stuff that made them feel like a competent squad who knew what they were doing. After that though, the gunplay devolves into too many idiots standing in the open waiting to get hit, which is too bad. Are the Vietnamese allergic to cover? The Bloods’ plan to face the French baddie was to have one guy in a perch and wing it from there? Why did the Blood hop on the grenade, was anyone else around? Then you have weird directorial decisions like almost having the Vietnamese youth almost pull the trigger before the bomb disposal guy steps on a mine, like it was a meaningful choice averted. Anyway, yeah lots of little quibbles about action staging. But still fun to watch, although I admit I was also painting a model at the time so maybe I’m missing things there and there.

That was my feeling as well. And I really like Spike Lee, but can’t help but think it could have been elevated a bit with some writing and directing tweaks. I also have to wonder whether this being a Spike Lee joint affects my assessment - do I have higher expectations or do I tend to give it a pass on some things?

That was my first reaction as well, but then they cut to a different camera angle and Lester Freaman was lying pretty close, so I gave it a pass (even though it was a fairly predictable scene).