Da Vinci Code the game


Featuring easily solveable, obvious puzzles that you won’t be allowed to do anything about until predictable plot twists have been sprung?

But including the most lavish 3d graphical representations of Citroens, Smart Cars and Range Rovers ever modelled.

… for me to throw up on!

Well, at least if it’s totally crap, the devs can claim that they were being true to the book.

Perhaps more importantly, in the world of the Da Vinci Code everyone in an intellectual profession is TOTALLY HOT. So if you’ve ever wanted to jerk off to a sexy babe who’s actually a linguist, this could be the game for you!

My wife is both a sexy babe and a professor of linguistics. I kid you not; they do exist >.<

pics plz k thx

I think they already made the game. It was called Gabriel Knight 3.

At least both that game and the novel were based on the same book, “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”.

That game will be the Unreal level were you leave the Vortex Rikers over and over again.

(because it is cliff hangers over and over again, get it, snort).