Daft Punk Calls it Quits

The end of a fuckin era. The Interstella 5555 DVD was a fixture on my TV and pc screens for years.

I mean come the fuck ON whadda jam!

RIP my interest in the future of the TRON franchise.

The only thing I know about them is the Bigger Harder Faster song from 12 years ago with the two women on youtube dancing to it in some homemade video involving markers and boxes. I’d link it but I don’t want to upset anybody.


I was so hoping for a new album. 😭

The Daft Bodies girls were cool and all but they’ll never be as cool as Groovy Dancing Girl

28 years. Well, if they want to retire, that seems fine. It might free up space for other artists. It might not.

I loved Colbert’s video for Get Lucky so much. Song of the Summer! Wait, which summer was it again?

Aww, I was hoping I’d catch these guys at a festival at some point. Well, what a legacy.

I’ll never forget buying Discovery, listening through headphones and Harder Better Faster Stronger blowing my mind. Those vocoder gymnastics are so fucking good. Always loved Aerodynamic and Digital Love’s guitar sections too.

Still, Around the World’s bassline and Michel Gondry’s video are all-time faves for me.

That is very cool. I’m wondering if some of her gyrations are a video trick with the same thing looped back again and again? It shouldn’t be possible to be that precise.

IIRC, they played a slowed-down version of the song over speakers in the yard they filmed it in, then sped the dance video back up to sync to the normal song for the upload. She went on to become a minor actress in Ireland.

Every summer! It’s such a good dance tune.

Bummer. Hope they retire to what I assume are by now French castles and lead happy lives.

Bummer! As far as careers go, theirs was damn near perfect. Interstella 5555 sees a lot of play in our house (first for my niece and later my own daughter). While I think Discovery seems to have been their high point of cultural relevance, I consider Random Access Memories an outright masterpiece and in retrospect a great way to send themselves off.

This was the video that introduced me to them on MTV’s Amp. It was a great late night showed that showed techno/dance/electronic music and came on at 2am to 3am or so. I always recorded it on video tape and listened to that tape over and over and over throughout the week, and I watched this video a lot, finding it very sad for some reason.

Random Access Memories routinely makes lists for must own albums on vinyl. That is one amazing record.

Sad news! I was really hoping for an Alive 2017 record, and then Alive 2027 when we missed that.

I’ve spun 1997, 2007 and RAM probably 40 times each…

Huh. What’s the functional difference between breaking up and not releasing anything new in like, 8 years?

My son watched that Interstella video pretty much every day for a year when he was 8 or 9.


There’s still the inevitable reunion tour to look forward to.