Daggerfall Unity


It is literally importing the original assets, so.


Oh God yes. I even remember the name of the premiere Daggerfraud/Pathesda attacker on csiprpg-- Lord Marcus Dracon!


I never would have made it through some of those dungeons w/o exploiting the “fall between the walls into the void” bug. If I were into modding I 'd add that as a toggleable (sp?) feature.


Gee, another Daggerfall engine update that will never get finished (XL Engine, et.al.)

Don’t. Just don’t.


…memories… of the posts we left behind…


It’s already at the point where you can complete the game in it.




New builds were published tonight. Here’s a link to the update notice in their forum:
Updated Builds August 2018


September builds are up now:

Forum announcement Updated Builds September 2018
Lengthy Details for the Update

… I can’t see any technical roadblocks between now and reaching parity with classic Daggerfall sometime in the next several months. All of the really challenging problems are solved and the bulk of features are now in reasonable working order. From here it’s just an incremental run to the end as all the missing pieces come together.


Thanks for the reminder, Howler. I just tried this and HOLY CRAP did the memories come flooding back. Can’t wait to play more.


I hope the vengeance sample is still loud as hell!


It freaking better be.

I also forgot how great that simple opening cinematic is.


October updates posted today:

New Builds Announcement
Updated Roadmap



Is this using the original music? It won’t be the same without.


It’s an open-source engine revamp, not a remake. It uses the original game files.


I think a big barrier is the creation of art, IMO. There are more hobby game engines out there than there is art to fill them all with.


/scratches head

This one is gotten waaay farther than I thought it would. It appears that the team somehow managed to stay on the right side of the project interest:project completion curve. I’ll think I give this a quick run-through to fill up my VENGEANCE reserves.


While it’s getting closer to completion, here’s a player that does a lot of videos trying out mods, texture packs, and demoing bits of gameplay:


Due to all the new stuff squeezed in this month, they did another October build release:

Announcement for October 29 Build Update
Download Builds