Daggerfall Unity


I thought only Arena was free?


Phew thank god I still have my boxed copy of Daggerfall still laying around.


Most likely they will force them to change the name but won’t kill the project (just like OpenMW).


It was definitely free and available on the Bethesda website, because that’s where I downloaded it from maybe a couple of years back. I’ve no idea where the link is these days (or whether it is still available directly from them), but I did bookmark this site which has the download links (still do) plus a whole bunch of related files and patches, I presume this is still legit?


I think this is the most likely outcome as long as they continue to avoid using any Bethesda property.

The source repo is fairly active and based on a recent commit, I think maybe they’re going to push out another official build “soon”, but that’s just my guess since they’ve been doing monthly releases.


You can definitely claim it for free on GOG.


Huh, they keps the original sprites. Looks like it really is Daggerfall in Unity, just changing the engine.


“Hey Pathesda! Daggerfail needs another patch!!1!”

Ah, how I miss usenet.


It is literally importing the original assets, so.


Oh God yes. I even remember the name of the premiere Daggerfraud/Pathesda attacker on csiprpg-- Lord Marcus Dracon!


I never would have made it through some of those dungeons w/o exploiting the “fall between the walls into the void” bug. If I were into modding I 'd add that as a toggleable (sp?) feature.


Gee, another Daggerfall engine update that will never get finished (XL Engine, et.al.)

Don’t. Just don’t.


…memories… of the posts we left behind…


It’s already at the point where you can complete the game in it.




New builds were published tonight. Here’s a link to the update notice in their forum:
Updated Builds August 2018


September builds are up now:

Forum announcement Updated Builds September 2018
Lengthy Details for the Update

… I can’t see any technical roadblocks between now and reaching parity with classic Daggerfall sometime in the next several months. All of the really challenging problems are solved and the bulk of features are now in reasonable working order. From here it’s just an incremental run to the end as all the missing pieces come together.


Thanks for the reminder, Howler. I just tried this and HOLY CRAP did the memories come flooding back. Can’t wait to play more.


I hope the vengeance sample is still loud as hell!


It freaking better be.

I also forgot how great that simple opening cinematic is.