Daily Show last night, Wolf Blitzer a guest

Is it just me, or was Stewart treating him with … not kid gloves per se, but … a serious degree of respect? I think he could have been a lot harsher about the American media’s handling of the pre-war situation (contrasting it with the BBC, for example), but he seemed to be hesitant about it.

He’s almost always like that. Maybe he figures that if he smiles enough and is passive-aggressive enough that nobody will beat him up after the show. It’s kind of ironic when he’s doing it while trying to accuse the media of not asking tough questions.

Then again, it’s an entertainment show. Then again, if that’s the case he should have entertaining guests on instead of stuffed shirts.

Thats what makes John Stewart cool… he usually is subtle and doesnt beat the guest over the head with his beliefs. His questioning usually inevitably leads to exactly where he wants to go and he can switch from serious to goofy in two second and still make it work.
The Daily Show is one of my favourite things on TV right now.

He’s the anti-Dennis-Miller.

Compare and contrast Jon’s interviews with people that sit on the opposite side of the fence with the Eric Alterman “interview” Miller did.

As much as I contribute to the madness of P&R myself, could you imagine how different that forum would be if we all acted like Stewart?

I was going to start my own thread but I’ll just add on here:

Is there a better non-rerun comedy show currently playing on American TV? Seriously. How is the Daily Show not the greatest?

I understand.

But he was just so hesitant about grilling Wolf about the media coverage leading up to the war. Hesitant as far as Jon Stewart goes.

He really layed into the poor guy who wrote the book about Iraq’s Al terrorists connections, so much so that maybe he’s overcompensating a bit.

I love the Daily Show. Very liberal slant (at least anti-bush) but hell, how many people aren’t these days? :)

And the very next show he basically gave Michael Moore an on-camera blowjob.

The quote he gave in EW was that he was “anti-bullshit”, regardless of who’s slinging it. He doesn’t exactly let Kerry off the hook, either, and he pummeled Clinton pretty relentlessly.

He just won the TV Critic Associations award for best new show. Beating out nightline etc.


I think you dropped an s there, Chet.

But it’s well deserved, they only do 4 shows a week, take weeks off all the time and still manage to bring more to the table than 5 24 hour cable news networks.