Daly wins Buick Invitational

Well, here’s a big shout out to the big D. It’s been nearly nine years now since his last PGA tour win at the British Open. He was pretty lucky that the other two players missed their birdie putts on the playoff hole, however he certainly pleased the crowd with that last pitch out from the sand trap to within half a foot of the flagstick - clinching his birdie. When he’s on his game, he sure is fun to watch. Congrats John. :)

Hard to believe that it’s been that long since he had a PGA tour win. I still remember him almost hitting me in the head with his tee shot at 16 during the Memorial years and years ago. It’s about a 200 yard par 3, and he put his tee shot about 20 yards to the left and 30 over the green. He basically got out at least a 60 degree wedge, walked up to the ball, and hit it to five feet before his own feet were even set. Precedent says he’ll disappear for another few years, but here’s hoping he can keep his game going for a while.

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The guy’s put on a few pounds, eh? Heh.

He’s won some tournaments in the last few years, so it hasn’t been nine winless years, just nine years without a PGA win.

The PGA Championship was in St. Louis some time back and I went to a practice round and watched Daly, among others. The guy chain smoked as he practiced, and also smoked his drives. It was fun to watch Daly around the greens. He’d drop balls off the green and hit that big flop shot with his pitching wedge where he’d take a full swing and the ball would just flop up in the air about 10 feet and then land gently on the green.

I also skimmed Rick Reilly’s recent book on caddying for golfers, and in one chapter he caddied for Daly. The nickname “Long John” has a double meaning, apparently. On the road Daly whipped it out to take a piss in an empty McDonald’s soda cup and made a point of calling Reilly’s attention to it. Apparently his johnson is extremely large.

He needed this win…his tour exemption he got with the '95 British is up after '05. This win exempts him through the end of '06. He’s too inconsistent to do well on the money list year after year, and I doubt he’d do well if he had to go through Q-school.

He can get a sponsor’s exemption to whatever events he wants to play.

I thought there was a limit (like 5-7) exemptions you could get per year.

Oh yeah? Then scratch what I said. I think there are different kinds of exemptions too, maybe he could still have gotten a full season out of it? Not that it matters; I’m just curious.