Did anyone else see the opening episode? Freakin’ awesome television, I’m telling you. I’m hooked and now need to see where this goes. Plus, I luuuuuuuuuv Rose Byrne.

Felt like a regular criminal procedural at first, but man, that story is going all sorts of places. And I couldn’t really nail down a “bad guy” for a long time. Ted Danson is awesome. Glen Close is awesome. But then things start to fall into place.

And the blonde sister is hawt. Jaime “Apollo” Bamber has some good genes, cause the actress is his sister, and she hides her British accent really well, too!

I don’t know the first thing about this TV show, but the billboards around LA make it look like some sort of post-Apocalyptic thing where Glenn Close busts out from inside someone’s face and lays waste to an entire city.


There’s no excuse for doing that to Rose Byrne’s face. None.

Yeah, she really struck me in 28 Weeks Later and the trailer I’ve seen for Damages repeatedly before movies has made the show seem promising. I’ll have to watch.

“Another actress cracked and emerged from within your skull? You may be entitled to Damages.”

The allegedly smart Ellen isn’t as smart as they keep telling her she is.

Hint: when someone tells you “I like you cause you don’t fall for bullshit,” you just fell or have already fallen for some bullshit.

Other warning signs that the person speaking to you is scuh-rewing you royally:
“I see myself in you.”
“I’ve never seen the boss so excited about the potential of someone before.”

Up until the end of the episode, which I thought was entirely predictable once Ellen’s sister’s role is revealed, my impression was that this was “The Devil Wears Prada” in a law office. Even the line “I see myself in you”, straight out of that movie. (Yes, I watched The Devil Wears Prada and I make no apologies for it - not a great film classic but very well put together).

Nothing wrong with TDWP. Emily Blunt and Anne Hathway are the new hotness. Plus, I think it was one of my favorite summer movies of last year.

I swore never to watch this show after seeing the commercials EVERY THREE SECONDS during Independence Day (which still does not deliver, even years later). And I never will.

My girlfriend liked The Devil Wears Prada. So did my mom. So did my sister. And my girlfriend’s sister. And her mom. And my smokin’ English Professor.

I admit to reading Prep, but The Devil Wears Prada will never take me alive!

The first episode is up for free at the itunes store. Watch and be smitten by the Rose.

I saw the encore presentation of this last night (and apparently it airs again tonight, talk about PUSHING IT). Anyway, it was OK, but not epic TV the way they make it out to be. It’s more like a John Grisham TV series, from the lawyer everyone fears to the corporate conspiracy to the government involvement and plot twists centered on the main character.

The story is interesting so far, and I’ll keep watching as long as that remains true, but so far none of the characters are really likeable or strong enough to hold my interest.

I watched the 1st 2 episodes while out of town last week. I am really liking it. As they flesh the characters out and slowly unveil what has gone on, it seems it can only get better. I mean, not like the best show ever on TV “better” (that being Lost), of course. Definitely looking forward to tonight’s episode.

Are we supposed to assume that Hewes doesn’t know that Ellen’s sister-in-law to be (SILTB) is the key to everything until she goes to the wedding?

She hires Ellen so that Ellen will find out that SILTB was in Florida with Frobisher and convince her to testify. Only for her to find that out, Frobisher has to put the squeeze on Ellen. How does Patty know that Frobisher will do that AND that Ellen will find out about it?

How does she even know that SILTB is so important to begin with? Someone would have had to tip her off to it, right?

It’s got a lot of “The Carver is Quentin!” feel to it, a twist/plot that doesn’t really make sense in that it’s so stupidly convoluted that it requires a suspension of disbelief grossly out of line with the rest of the world.

No. It is because of SILTB that Ellen gets considered for Hewes and Associates in the first place.

She hires Ellen so that Ellen will find out that SILTB was in Florida with Frobisher and convince her to testify. Only for her to find that out, Frobisher has to put the squeeze on Ellen. How does Patty know that Frobisher will do that AND that Ellen will find out about it?

How does she even know that SILTB is so important to begin with? Someone would have had to tip her off to it, right?

This is the Mack-truck-sized hole in the show. The reason for hiring Ellen is to bring in SILTB because SILTB has something they know is valuable. But if they knew SILTB had something valuable, they could have gone for that directly. “Oh wait, now that we’ve hired Ellen, maybe now we should think about following SILTB and, you know, leaning on her a little.”

The other reason major problem for the show is that allegedly brilliant Ellen is incredibly naive. Something happens to make her suspicious, then her suspicions are immediately placated. Rinse, repeat. Perhaps they’ve avoided naming Ellen’s law school because no real law school would want to be ‘credited’ with produce brilliant idiots like Ellen. She’s being played like a fiddle, but the tune ain’t music. Ellen would have been lit up in moot court so badly, she’d have dropped out of law school.

Tonight, after hearing from a more senior associate how cutthroat the place is, she is blissful without suspicion about the apartment that has been handed to her, even before she’s done any palpable work. ‘No one gets any time off, except you, Ellen. Go ahead, do what you want.’ Next day, ‘could you just drop this brief off an meet with the judge instead of going to your engagement party? kthxbye.’

It can only get worse. I’m done with it. Makes me even more hesitant to think about taking up law.

Stop. i like it better when I can be a brilliant idiot when watching the show. I enjoy the twists and turns without thinking to much about them. As soon as a sneaking suspicion arises that the show is not that great, I quickly surpress it. Here is a perfect brief, but all the rest of the shit going on around her is met with a doe-like look of innocence. I imagine there are people that are good at law, but suck at actually trying cases.

And Hewes was awfully quick to believe that her son was sending her grenades when any sort of attorney should have reasoned that with a case of that magnitude going on, it would be all too easy to plant a fucking website link on their sons computer. I guess we are supposed to believe that past history with her son and the high stress level of her daily life have clouded her thought process. We are further to believe that she is only cloudy with regard to somethings, but is sharp as a tack when it come to the machinations of the case and all the little tricks and subversions she is using to manipulate folks.

Man, I want to like this but you people and my own brain are not making that possible.

That’s a good thing, because holy fucking shit how wrong are you now.

Take another look, catch up on what’s going on. This show is fucking great. Ellen start’s out as a Deer In the Headlight’s character and with in six months turns into a very clever, take no shit, manipulative, vengeful bitch.

I don’t see this show as becoming the next big hit, or running for four seasons ( I hope they have the smarts to limit it to one or two seasons ). What I do see it has is a show to remember. A day one DVD purchase. It’s got characters with motives, a plot line that makes sense and Ted Danson.

I keep watching, too. There may be plot holes here and there, but the performances are excellent and the slow uncovering of the story is working for me.

Really? Flipping channels a few weeks ago, I saw a few minutes of the fiance being lured away by a patient’s daughter and smelled another rat.

I’ll check out a rerun where I jumped off - I presume watching anything out of order will ruin it?

Damages better than Saving Grace. I watch em both.

Yes, watch it in order.
The patients daughter thing is interesting. We still don’t know if she’s a plant by Hewes or if she’s just a crazy bitch that showed up and stole his keys.

Maybe she’s a crazy bitch planted by Hewes. The last episode shows she has a history of being a crazy bitch.