Damn Dirty Doritos Dash of Destruction

So I just played this free XBLA game for about 15 minutes and got 190 Gamerscore.

I feel dirty.

At least I didn’t pay for it and at least the game was unapologetic about it.

Now all you need to do is hook up a 2nd controller to get the “Won an offline multiplayer game” achievement.

/me washes his hands compulsively

You’re both one step closer to a red ring of death because of this.

I hope the Gamerscore was worth it.

Is this like Ringu or something, where your machine will go RROD 7 days after playing this? Heh.

Meh at least it was playable unlike that demon spawn Yaris. And didn’t have nigh impossible achievements like Yaris.

Ohh that would make a good experiment. How many people would download Red Ringu of Death for a Gamerscore boost?

The sad thing is after I finished collecting my 200 points, my kids wanted to play. It was actually entertaining watching my 4 and 6 year trash the place as dinosaurs.

Yeah it’s a surprisingly ok little game. Nothing great but far from terrible.

The game isn’t bad, but I have to sadly admit that when the second dinosaur enters the picture, I found it to be pretty difficult.

It was kind of fun. I really can’t complain. I found the truck part to be more fun.

Meh at least it was playable unlike that demon spawn Yaris. And didn’t have nigh impossible achievements like Yaris.

Fuck Yaris. Have you looked at the achievements for Bejeweled 2? You basically have to sell your soul to the game and give over your life.

Yeah, it was fun.

If you wan’t down and dirty gamerscore points.

Try 1000 points in under 2 minutes (the Avatar game)

(I did this… because my roommate did it… and we are in a bit of a gamerscore battle)

I’m fairly proud to say that I’ve never played a game solely to get easy Achievements. A quick look at my list will show I’ve never played TMNT, Avatar, or NBA 2k6.

I played NBA 2K6 and TMNT out of genuine interest. But wow, I didn’t even notice I have all of the achievements for the former.

How do I get easy achievements for TMNT? That game is so friggin hard! Isn’t one of them to win without dying? The entire game is designed to suck quarters how do you beat it without dying?

“Easy achievement” should be an oxymoron. Should be, but thanks to the smacktarded way Achievements have been used, is not.

I think you’re thinking of the arcade game on XBL while they may be referring to the full game based on the film that came out a year or so ago.

Oh, Zylon!

bahimiron has the right of it. I was referring to the game based on the fairly recent animated movie.

I’m probably going to hell for this, but this Doritos game has some pretty sharp writing.

Ninjabee makes some decent games.