Damn pollution regulations er... resulted in more money


A new White House study concludes that environmental regulations are well worth the costs they impose on industry and consumers, resulting in significant public health improvements and other benefits to society. The findings overturn a previous report that officials now say was defective.

The report, issued this month by the Office of Management and Budget, concludes that the health and social benefits of enforcing tough new clean-air regulations during the past decade were five to seven times greater in economic terms than were the costs of complying with the rules. The value of reductions in hospitalization and emergency room visits, premature deaths and lost workdays resulting from improved air quality were estimated between $120 billion and $193 billion from October 1992 to September 2002.

By comparison, industry, states and municipalities spent an estimated $23 billion to $26 billion to retrofit plants and facilities and make other changes to comply with new clean-air standards, which are designed to sharply reduce sulfur dioxide, fine-particle emissions and other health-threatening pollutants.

Of course the savings aren’t real money to those conservatives who would destroy the environment for financial gain.

Well, if the conservative plan is to drive the government into bankruptcy and kill medicare and social services in general, then they won’t have to pay for your health, naturally.

They wouldn’t have to pay for mine anyway. Keep in mind that you got to judge these jokers by their actions, not their words. koff ack koff