Damn summer heat

Temperatures in the shade have reached 33.5° Celsius or 92.3° Fahrenheit in the early afternoon. Time to get out the big ventilators…

It’s been well over 110-120+ for the past 3 weeks in the area where I work. Been really bad this last week since the humidity has risen.

I’m looking forward to Hell. It will surely be cooler there.

Seriously. Ninety two? In Phoenix last week, my parents’ swimming pool was ninety degrees.

Hey, this isn’t the Arizona desert! 92 is pretty damn hot for the pleasant foothills of the Bavarian forest. I wouldn’t be living here if that was a normal temperature. On the other hand, we do get several feet of snow in winter, but I don’t mind that. Snow is pretty.

Yeah, it’s pushing 90 degrees here in San Diego. It’s BRUTAL, man. Oh, wait. No it’s not. :D

102 in the shade on Wednesday. (Southeastern VA) 120 heat index. It was baaaaad!

:lol: You wuss.

It’s winter here

It’s been in the 90s here in Rochester (though not this week), but I’ll trade that for your 100+ desert temps any day of the week, as long as you take our “90% humidity” as part of the package.

Speaking of heat and nutsacks, we all know what happens to a man’s down-there in times like these, don’t we, gang?

Well, sweaty, itchy nutsacks can be A THING OF THE PAST when you use ZEASORB super-absorbent powder with MICROPOROUS CELLULOSE! Slap some on today! (not too hard)

(Warning: this product has a label on it that says the State of California considers acrylamide to cause cancer.)

77 and holding here. Perfect.

Right now it is nice here (relatively)…high in the mid 80s. However, just a few days ago the high was 98/99, and the heat index put it to about 110 because of the high humidity in this area. I know some of you dismiss the idea that humid heat is worse than dry heat, but you are wrong. Humidity sucks!

It was 106 last week … at 11pm.

Meanwhile, in Dublin, it’s currently 55 degrees at the end of July. Fucking Ireland.

I just spent 5 days in San Diego last week…well Carlsbad and La Jolla. Everyone was going on about the heatwave, you know, upper 80’s and no humidity.

Coming from NYC, where the humidity strangles you when you walk out of the AC, I had a tough time commiserating. :)

Been high-80s-90s plus 90% humidity here in SE Ontario since pretty much mid-June. Although it’s cooled off here the past three-four days. Only 71 right now and threatening rain.

Its been 70-80 F the last couple days here in West Texas; on the escarpment we’re at 2900 ft, so the clouds build real high and cool off the rain. Of course it gets about 10"/yr and averages around 35% humidity. Two days ago the high was 68 :) Beats the three weeks of 100+ we had before.

I would LOVE that. I need to move…wanna switch places?

I think the hottest I’ve seen here is 30 C in the shade. Which is still too damn hot to be comfortable, but I can live with it for a week or two. Snow on the other hand is pretty, and cold weather is never an issue with proper clothing.

I don’t know how it is outside, but in the office i wear a big fleece jacket over my jean jacket, and always socks, and sometimes I wish I had long underwear. But I get cold easily.

But will it give me an erection that can last up to 4 hours?