Damn you all. Favorite bottled water?

Nestle’s water, because its mad cheap, and I have no money.

tastes like water to me.

So it’s not chocolate flavored water? :P

(in the US at least Nestle is mostly synonymous with chocolate)

No, though that sounds absolutely disgusting.

And I got the reference, From Central NY :P

The amount of plastic used in bottled water turned us off of it for good. We use a filter and bought a few bottles similar to wisefool.

While I’m all for limited bottled water to situations where, you know, there’s no tap around, and generally don’t care for buying water, I will point out that continual re-use of bottles does result in a nice germ factory that will result in your death.

So wash those bottles, kids.

I can’t believe nobody said Dasani.

Dasani uses pure ocean water, where they use reverse osmosis to get the salt out (according to the label). I only drink Dasani.

Dasani is made of tap water, but it is indeed reverse osmosis filtered. They add some minerals for taste.

Well, it’s still delicious.

I’d love to see those of you with a favourite to do a blind test.
It’s water.

I, for one, can very easily taste the difference between tap water, Dasani, and Arrowhead. A blind test was in fact involved.

There’s a revolting tang in most tap water (or at least in tap water in San Jose and moreso in Saskatchewan) that literally turns my stomach unless I filter and chill the water. Dasani has a different, non-stomach-turning tang, and Arrowhead is totally bland.

Oh, I’m not saying nobody can taste the difference between bad tapwater and bottled water.

But clean tapwater (as we’re universally used to in this neck of the wood… except for the e.coli infection they had in our neighbour county - too bad they couldn’t taste it) or just between cheap and expensive bottled water I don’t believe before I actually see it.

My family visited Italy last year, and besides remembering how big St. Peter’s was, or attending a soccer game where the crowd sings the entire game, one of my favourite details was Italian bottled water. Every single water bottle has its detailed chemical properties on it, like its pH to 3 significant figures, how many mg of residue are left after boiling it, and the precise mg measurements of all of the ions in the water like Mg and Silicon Oxide.

I’m not quite sure why this fascinated me so much. I’m both impressed and nonplussed that an entire nation could take their bottled water so seriously.

This is what you want:


All metal insides, so no rubber plastic tastes, they can take a beating, look good, and won’t be a smell factory after months of use. I have one for sports, one for my nightand and one for while I work.

Tap water ftw.

Normally I wouldn’t touch bottled water but visiting DC recently brought me round pretty quickly…

Arrowhead, because that’s what they have at work, and the tap water here tastes foul. Fiji is also quite nice for a change now and then. Yosemite water is lovely and crisp.

Dasani and Aquafina taste pretty much like tapwater. I should do a blind taste test sometime though.

It’s not just Italy. You find a detailed chemical analysis on every bottle of mineral water sold in Europe (continental at least). Keep in mind that a lot of bottled water here is from natural springs with a variety of minerals and other stuff, so it’s not just carbonated H2O. I think some of that data is important for deciding whether the water can be used for baby food.

The chemical composition also does affect the taste quite strongly, no matter what Hanzii says. But as I said in an earlier thread, the widely available big-brand table waters are deliberately tasteless – it’s the lesser-known waters from specific mineral springs that have the delicious sulfurous or salty taste.

Fiji for when I work out. Other than that- I have a well and can drink out of the tap without it tasting like shit.