Damn you, Capcom

I know that when they announced the ports of Resident Evils 2 and 3 to the Gamecube they specifically said that they would be $19.99 because they were straight ports of the Dreamcast versions. EB was selling them for $39.99 (each) today, what the shit is that?

I guess it doesn’t really matter, I’ve got the DC versions, but I’m still a little annoyed. For twenty bucks a piece I might have bought them just to be a completist. Maybe they’ll come down soon.

Viewtiful Joe looks awesome, though.

Why the hell would you buy a game you already own?

And yeah, Viewtiful Joe does look cool. Actually, the initial showing at all 5 of their Cube games was interesting.

Isn’t that the essence of Capcom’s business model? :wink:

Nice one. To answer runesword’s question: um, because then I could have all of them on the same platform (yes, I know that’s stupid). There are CDs I’ve purchased three or four times, I really have no ability to restrain myself when it comes to this kind of thing. I just hope they lower the price before I crack…

Also, it turns out that, of the five titles Capcom showed that day, only RE4 is Cube exclusive. At least, that’s what the Magic Box had to say. RE4 is the one I’m most looking forward to, though. The graphics are amazing and if Capcom delivers on the their promises about the gameplay I might forgive them for doubling the price of the ports.

There’s a lot of conflicting reports on the exclusivity. Capcom USA was adamant that they’re not exclusive, but then in the next breath saying there weren’t any plans to port them either. On the other hand, Capcom Japan was adamant that they WERE exclusive as late as December of last year. They also haven’t weighed in on the current controversy.

It sounds to me like the typical situation where one arm of the company wants one thing while the other is saying another. Another bit that I read said that R&D 4 (Mikami’s group that these titles are all underneath) pretty much doesn’t want them on anything other than Gamecube.


Though my interest in this series is beginning to wane. (I’ve barely been able to keep motivated to play through RE:Zero) I have been curious about these ports especially because of the supposed inclusion of Remake’s Type-C controls. (Nice setup that relieves some of the quirks of the classic scheme, but maintains tension of not being able to safely dodge any danger in your path) I never really experienced RE3 and have been debating at least to get that game just for shits and giggles, but for $40 Capcom can sod off.

Get RE3, if only because of Nemesis. The feeling of always being hunted and never quite knowing when he might reappear adds a lot to the suspense of the game.