Damn you, Michael Dell!

can’t you just drill holes…yadayadaya

Wow… that’s a retarded motherboard layout. The expansion slots should be oriented the other way, so that all the cards are facing away from the CPU and chipset coolers.

Does that mean you can’t instally any double-width video card in any Dell system?

Needs a better layout and more efficient cooling. Oh well, cutting corners FTW!

Which Dell model is that?

Can I have your video card?

Damnit man, this isn’t an LCD!

Are those PCI-E slots backwards? Seems to me the card is upside down.

I have never recommended that anyone ever buy a Dell. They’re like Compaq was back in the early 90’s: expensive if you buy a reasonably specced system and very hard to upgrade.

Yet, my girlfriend just bought a decent system for about a thousand bucks, and I plopped a PCI-E vidoecard in it in about two minutes.

I wouldn’t buy a Dell to use at home, but they’re great office machines IMO. Easy to maintain, very reliable, great support and so on. The cost factor goes away when you buy a lot of them and you’re an educational institution :)

It’s a Dimension E510.

I’m not sure what to do, I was going to pimp it out with a graphics card, sound card and gigabit ethernet card. Now I’m considering building a whole new system around those parts (which I already have)

I still have the Dell I bought in 2000. It’s quite spacious and was always very easy to upgrade. But yeah, they went the proprietary hardware / impossible case layout shortly afterwards. I would never buy a Dell now and expect I’d be able to easily upgrade it.

You could always get a card that isn’t Xbox huge.

I’ve upgraded my Dell with a new videocard, but I’m leery of upgrading any more, because I think the power supply just can’t handle it.

As for the computers being overpriced, when I was shopping for a new machine about 2.5 years ago, I priced out a nice system at newegg, down to the license for Windows - all new, no reused components. Then I priced a system at Dell. With one of the sales they always run, I got a comparable system for $100 less than the one I was planning. Yeah, the components are probably worse, but it came in a couple days, and 10 minutes after I received it I was up and running, and there’s a lot to be said for that.

That said, if you’re going to trick out your computer more than a teeny bit, Dells are probably not the choice you want to make.

P.S., Yeah that’s one honking big video card there.

That videocard is 3 inches shorter than the GTX version.

Inch and a half: 9.5" vs 11".

Mike, it’s a little hard to tell from that shot: is the problem that the card is too wide or too long?

Dells are good budget machines, but they’re not high performers and their upgradeability is limited by a couple of factors: namely small cases and wimpy PSs. I think they also went the BTX route, which is why their systems are “backwards” like that.

Yeah, they switched to BTX almost 2 years ago.

Actually based on your model your thread should be “Damn you, Kevin Rollins.” A lot of big customers say he was the reason for the dive into super cheap parts and drop in quality. I guess time will tell if Michael will fix the problem.

Looks like you need a trip to NewEgg for a barebones system to put all that in.

I have a post-2000 Dell as my work system (Optiplex GX280). All day long it makes slowly oscillating fan noises. And it can’t burn an audio CD for shit on its laptop CD/DVD drive.