Damon Wayans tries to trademark N-word

Nice. Yeah they have a great stage presence, not just as “a band” but as musicians who appreciate their fans. I saw them both times they were in Sac and it was awesome even the one time in nosebleed seats.

Heh. Well I made the comment just for clarity in my post, but yeah some people get crazy with that. It’s clear that the bands have different approaches and content, but come on.

Maybe I’m missing something, like pseudonyms, but don’t they only share a vocalist?

Yes. But it’s the ones who haughtily stick their pointy-noses into the air and correct someone for accidentallly mentioning the two bands in the same sentence. As if by mentioning them together, one thinks they are “the same”.

Exactly. Imagine going to a Paul McCartney concert and somebody giving you shit over asking them if he does anything for Wings or, you know, that other band he was in.

How many polacks do we have on this forum anyway?