Dan Carlin - Common Sense

I have two sources of political news. People I generally share an opinion with, and have proven to be quite insightful.

Dan Carlin is one of them. John Stewart is the other.

I think Dan’s primary love being history (he also has a history podcast) gives him an interesting long-view perspective. That’s what makes it fun for me, at least. He doesn’t pick sides with parties - in fact hates them both equally, and endorses the “anybody else” cause.

Anyway, I was just curious if anybody else here partakes of Dan’s show. And if you don’t you might enjoy it. It’s at www.dancarlin.com as is the history show.

(ps - if you liked the Rome HBO show, Dan did about 11 hours worth of podcast content on the same moment of Roman history, plus the few hundred years that led up to it. He does a great job of putting you in the “man on the street” point of view of the times.)

I really, really like his hardcore history podcasts. Never listened to him on politics.

Same here.

Give it a shot, if you like the history show. The politics show is like “modern history” plus “bang your head on the desk”

The Hardcore History show is just plain better than Common Sense, IMO. The “Tales from the Ostfront” shows on Stalingrad were fucking EPIC.

Never heard his political stuff, but Ghosts of the Ostfront and Death Throes of the Republic are exceptionally well done.