Dan Hsu, EGM EIC, Leaves Ziff

He’s tired of working. Sam Kennedy replaces him.



God damn. After the Gamespot implosion, Ziff’s financials, the closing of GFW, and the incredible defection rate from media to developers, I hope a year from now there’s still a gaming press to speak of.

The timing is… interesting. Wasn’t he promoted within 1UP rather recently?

I really enjoy Hsu’s contributions to 1up; hopefully he goes somewhere I can continue to enjoy his writing.

I’m bummed about the 1up staff continuing to be thinned out. I think they have the best writing overall for the major sites, but departures like this bring them closer to the rest of the pack.

Is the turnover of the 1up guys actually higher than the normal gaming media organization, or does it just seem that way because 1UP Show/Yours has turned them into Internet personalities?

And now I’m getting really worried.

Well this guy apparently worked there for 10 out of the last 11 years, so that’s not really high turnover.

Ziff seems to be losing someone almost monthly lately. They seem to have the same or even a higher rate of turnover than Gamespot and Gamespot had the whole review firing fiasco.

That’s not what I mean. I’ve seen threads on several forums that suggest a mass exodus from 1UP, with Che, Luke, and others leaving.

Didn’t Che leave a few years ago? Luke must have been gone for around a year now too. They have lost a few people over the past 6 months or so (Davidson, MacDonald, Intihar, Shu, the GFW art staff) but is it really a mass exodus when 7-10 people leave a company over a few years?

Che and Luke were both a while ago, but it has been a steady stream of people leaving, though i wouldn’t say an exodus as they haven’t all left at once. John Davison, Mark McDonald, Brian Intihar, Patrick Klepeck, Kathleen Sanders, and one of the CGW guys (forget which) have all left since then. There might be a few others I’m missing too.

That’s what I’m asking. :)

Darren Gladstone.

Isn’t he still at Ziff though? On PC Mag?

No. PC World.

So he’s leaving to get more achievements and then to do nothing? Sounds good.

I wonder what he’s going to do after he runs out of money? Who’s Crispin Boyer going to talk to about Arthritis? So many questions, no answers.

There’s also the time Ziff laid off the OPM staff (okay, that wasn’t a voluntary leaving, but neither is the GFW art staff lay-off that was earlier mentioned).

Console games are domed!!! (Ok, maybe just actual print magazines.)

Didn’t the OPM thing have a lot to do with Sony, though?

I’ll admit up front I could be way off. I imagine you know far more than me about it. I just remember having been given the impression when it happened that Sony had been disenchanted with OPM for a long time and had been known to give other Sony-oriented but non-official magazines, like PSX, preference for exclusives.

The main official explanation I had heard had to do with the magazine’s disc. Publishers and Sony were just shifting to online demo distribution and didn’t see the point of releasing stuff on the demo disc, which caused the magazine to lose funding and made it fold.