Dang it! My kid wants a FIFA game. HELP.

This post is specifically for @marquac and @Chappers.

My kid had a soccer game this morning. It was a “friendly” to tune up for the next season. They won, 2-1, but the ref called the game midway into the second half because the other team got three (!) red cards and one of them that got sent off was their keeper, who had kicked a dead ball at one of my son’s teammates. Then when he got the card he went up to the ref and started jawing at him and refused to give up the ball. Just being a jerk.

I’ve never seen that happen before. Three red cards in a single game.

Afterwards my son said, “Yeah, it was a ‘friendly’ but it wasn’t all that friendly.”

I just want to say I have no idea where he gets his sense of humor.


I think there is an official FIFA ruling that stops the game if a certain number of players are sent off from the same side. It’s good that your son kept a cool head and did not react to these shenanigans.

Fifa has a habit of being one of the very last releases in a console’s lifetime (or after it) so they probably do smaller production runs and no reprints. Fifa '14 was actually the final game released for the PS2. I don’t think Gamestop even sells brand new 7th-gen games anymore.

It’s not just red cards either.

Back in 2000 Ipswich played Bolton in the Championship Playoffs Semi-final. The first round ended 2-2 and the second 3-3, which took the game to extra time.

In the extra period Bolton had two red cards to take them down to nine and then with all their subs used one of the players looked like he tore a hamstring. He couldn’t come off the field because that would have forced abandonment of the game, so he just came over to the sideline and stood on the halfway line for the rest of the game.

Please don’t make me look up that game to find out who won…

Ipswich scored a penalty on 94 minutes (Jamie Clapham) and then Martijn Reuser scored against the eight-and-a-half men to make it 5-3 and 7-5 on aggregate.

Despite all this, the most amazing thing was the first three Ipswich goals were all scored by Jim Magilton in what may have been his only career hattrick.

We beat Barnsley 4-2 in the playoff final to get to the Premier League and then finished fifth in the Prem, with George Burley winning manager of the season

The year after that we beat Inter Milan in the UEFA Cup, got relegated and entered bankruptcy administration.

Roller coaster.

Youtube has everything.

Bear in mind, this is a Sam Allardyce Bolton side, so it’s not necessarily safe for work. Or Ipswich players.

I took the opportunity to download the PES2020 demo on Steam. I was firmly in the PES side of the PES/FIFA argument right up to PES05, which was the peak of the franchise for me and then I swapped to FIFA because it really felt like Konami lost their way.

My first Youtube video is PES gameplay and so is my first Youtube Copyright Strike, when FIFA themselves thought that my England-vs-Spain gameplay in July 2006 was stolen footage of the actual World Cup.

Every now and then I’d get the demo for a new version or pick up the game itself on a Steam sale and it was never very good, so I stayed firmly in Camp FIFA.

The 2020 version is now called ePES because they want to focus on the esports side of things, (apparently), and they somehow scraped together enough money to outbid EA for the exclusive image rights to Juventus, meaning the next FIFA will have an Italian team from Turin in black and white stripes called “Calcio A.”

The (e)PES 2020 gameplay is… fine. It feels better than prior versions, but not enough that I would rush to switch away from the other game.

Without question the best thing about it is the addition of certain famous licensed players combined with Konami’s apparent love of dentistry, that turns this sports game into something that looks more like a horror survival game where everyone is trying to kill and then eat you.

To be fair, Suarez probably is trying to do just that.

I signed John Carpenter’s The Thing to play up front for my Forest Green team.

Oh look, collusion!

It’s just locker room collusion.

Gamepass is giving me FIFA22 for free, so I had to make a new, improved BARRY MCGARRY.

His hair is glorious.

FIFA 22 has come a long way in the vital area of hair physics.

You’ll have to let us know how things go. Club and international.

You have to take part in training now to impress the manager or your relationship with him will degrade and he’ll stop picking you to play.

Then once you haven’t been in the squad for a while he’ll list you for loan and then actively start trying to sell you.

This is more realistic, but also super-speeds up your player’s development. In previous games I had deliberately only improved attributes by playing matches. Now I have to run three trainings a week to get the manager to not hate me and even just picking the low-impact rookie trainings has seen some significant ability bumps.

This has turned me into something of a monster already for Scottish football level. With all the strength and heading ability I’ve been able to develop, plus a perk that improves teammate crossing and the “Bull” attribute to improve physical attributes if we’re not facing Celtic or Rangers than I’m practically unplayable for opposition defenders.

At the end of the season I’ll make my jump somewhere else - Sheffield United already enquired about me - and see how being a bully holds up in tougher leagues.

Looks like I might have to get this one.

I think I have gotten to the age when a controller has so many options to do so many different things on these sports games that it’s too much for me. I love that these games now exist, but I think they are out of my league so to speak.

You can set classic controls up and play it old school style and have a lot of fun (I don’t play online). I don’t use any of the fancy stuff.

I’ve played a whole bunch of football games in my life. Stuff like Sensible Soccer and the like, a few of the earlier FIFA’s.

Last one I tried, game expects me to pull out fighting game combos to do stuff? Yeah, I’m out.


Saw Lantz answer, is that a control option?

You can play and have a ton of fun with just the top four buttons:

Thank you for that, @Lantz.