Dang it! My kid wants a FIFA game. HELP.

I think I have gotten to the age when a controller has so many options to do so many different things on these sports games that it’s too much for me. I love that these games now exist, but I think they are out of my league so to speak.

You can set classic controls up and play it old school style and have a lot of fun (I don’t play online). I don’t use any of the fancy stuff.

I’ve played a whole bunch of football games in my life. Stuff like Sensible Soccer and the like, a few of the earlier FIFA’s.

Last one I tried, game expects me to pull out fighting game combos to do stuff? Yeah, I’m out.


Saw Lantz answer, is that a control option?

You can play and have a ton of fun with just the top four buttons:

Thank you for that, @Lantz.

As if I needed more reasons to get the last EA Sports FIFA game. They’re definitely going out with a bing bang, I’ll give them that.

This was very much mine and my girlfriend’s experience when we tried to play NBA 2K a couple of years ago as she was getting and more into bball with me. Every different “part” of play (zone defense, man defense, dribbling/navigation, passing, shooting, and scoring at the basket) basically uses the full set of all buttons and button combos on the controller, switching semi-intelligently based on what’s happening, and I’m just too stupid to keep up with exactly what pressing Down + RB + X will do at any given moment to ever, ever try to play that game/series again.

Also, this thread makes me very nostalgic. RIP, Xtien :(

I don’t follow online FIFA fandom, but I can see this causing some angst. Do they get put into the English league structure for franchise mode or whatever that’s called? Purists won’t like that. Same for Ultimate Team, though maybe they’ve had fictional players before.

Roy Kent looks so realistic in CGI!


I don’t know, feels like it needs some Mike Basset in my opinion.

I’m very irritated that I bought Fifa 23 for the World Cup, but it doesn’t have it in the game yet. They say they’ll have it as a free update before the World Cup starts though.

AAAAARGH. I wanted to play the World Cup now.

Edit: At least they let you play as Ted Lasso. Maybe I’ll try Career mode as Ted Lasso.

It’s a lot of fun. There’s just something fun about scoring a goal with Roy Kent that just makes life good. Only bad thing is Lasso doesn’t have his voice during pre or post game interviews. They need to add that as dlc.

FIFA has pre- and post-match interviews now? Or is this a special story mode?

Not a special story mode. I don’t think it’s every game, but yes. There are sometimes pre or post game interviews. At least in manager career mode (which is the only career mode available if you want to play as Richmond).

Ah, that makes sense. Not sure I’ve ever played that mode in FIFA. If I’m going to do a manager career, I’ll play Football Manager.

Just to be clear - in manager career you still (optionally) play the games, so you are playing as the exact players from the show. You just aren’t playing as one of them as you would for a player career.

Release it already!

I’m so excited for this.

Oh hey, I didn’t realize it until today, but the icon for FIFA 23 had changed on my Xbox to one that mentions the world cup. So I fired it up, and sure enough, the World Cup is in there now! Very nice.