Dangerous Waters release date?

Can’t find a date for this one anywhere–I could have sworn it’s supposed to be close–anyone heard/know anything?

Battlefront tend to be a bit close-mouthed about release dates until a few weeks before the actual date. I notice they’ve got the intro movie available for download, but I haven’t looked at it personally.

February is the expected release month, AFAIK, with pre-orders being taken some time in January.


So, Mr. E5, which EB?


I was SO waiting for someone to ask this question!!!

Tom, you just gave me the laugh of the day.


Preorders are open, both with and without (who would do this?) the 570 page manual.

Oh man, I’m trying to SAVE money. I only have 2 games preordered…I don’t need a third…or maybe I do…DAMN YOU KRYTEN FOR POSTING THAT LINK…<getting out credit card>…

Ah well, I WAS looking forward to this, before I found out the only way to get it was to order thru Battlefront.

Ordered from them twice. Shipping took insanely long time. No thanks.

Move to Europe, shipping only takes a couple of days :) .

Well, they’re shipping from the US and Europe, and locals have had games like CMAK delivered to New Zealand in around five days - surely they can’t be all that bad?

Bump. I just ordered the Deluxe version. :)

So did I. Looking forward to this and Silent Hunter III.

Evidently Canada is, but the received wisdom is that it’s the fault of Canadian customs.