Dangerous Waters

From www.subsim.com :

25 July
Sonalysts up to old tricks again!

2003 seems to be the year of the pirate game but we’ve learned that 2004 is already looking good with Sonalysts (Jane’s 688(I), Fleet Command, Sub Command) staging up a new naval sim. Called Dangerous Waters (working title), we anticipate this new game will be a continuation of the Sub Command line while offering the player control over more vessels.

Jamie Carlson of Sonalysts describes their new title thus: “In the Air, on the Surface, and the Depths below… ‘Dangerous Waters’ will allow the player to control platforms from all arenas of Naval Combat. The focus will still be primarily on ASW warfare, but the player will be able to take control of various platforms above, below and on the ocean’s surface…”

Dangerous Waters is due to ship Q2 2004. I am looking forward to this one. Sonalysts has always produced consistently good simulations and they don’t seem to suffer development delays that plague the rest of the industry.

Can we have a sims forum to keep this work intensive dreck separate from real games?

Keeping the post count up I see …

Keeping the post count up I see …[/quote]

Sorry, its been a slow day.

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