Daniel Suarez book Daemon as german radio play: 18. April

For those who understand german, I grabbed this from Daniel Suarez google+ stream:

Daniel Suarez originally shared this post:
German Radio Play of #Daemon Airs April 18th at 23:00 on WDR

1LIVE (WDR) has mounted an impressive production for the German radio adaptation of my book – including an orchestral soundtrack by composer, Felix Rösch: https://soundcloud.com/felixrosch/sets/daemon

Part one airs Thurs April 18th at 23:00 (also streaming over the Web), with a new episode airing each week. Parts 4-6 coming later in 2013. http://bit.ly/ZAGWEX

I wish I spoke German better! Maybe now is a good time to learn… Wie sagt man ‘narrow AI’ auf Deutsch?

How long is this stream? I remember the book being quite thick.

It was sheduled for an hour and according to the 1live site they have 3 three parts ready, with more to come (Daniels post is talking about 4-6 coming later).

Dates for the current three are/were:
18. April 2013, 23 Uhr
25. April 2013, 23 Uhr
2. Mai 2013, 23 Uhr

They have the radio play on their website but not for download due to licensing.