DAOC Expansion...what were they thinking?

I am actually back playing now and I started a Reaver in Albion. It is fun to play and I rarely leave the SI area except for epic quests. The new graphics are very nice and there are a lot of new monster types. I got to level 17 with my Reaver so far and he is the first character I leveled over 10 in months. Overall it is a nice expansion. I don’t know how long it will hold my attention this time around but I am having fun.

– Xaroc

No, but they added a class that can create turrets.[/quote]

They have that in AC2 – they also have it in DAOC now?[/quote]

Yeah. In DAoC it’s a class that uses plants to attack. The turrets are plants.

It does seem like one of those suspicious coincidences.