Dara O'Briain - I love Video Games

You’ve never read a book and three chapters in, the book has gone: what are the major themes of the book so far?

Looking at you - Mirror’s Edge, Far Cry 4 and countless others…


I’ve never seen that performance, but I’ve seen that bit. Did he pull it out for Mock the Week at some point?

Toggle map! Bwahahahahaha. Muy funny.

His behavior on the field was erratic at best…

Nah, he did it in his comedy DVD “This is the Show”, this is a live BBC program. He changes his show once a year, and this is 2010’s routine.


hilarious, thanks

His take on Rock Band is spot on!

It is kind of funny how he loses most of the crowd with a lot of stuff that’d crack gamers up. Chest-high-walls are sort of a self-contained joke for hardcore gamers, not so much for anyone else.

That was awesome. I was laughing so hard tears were rolling, and I was just praying nobody walked into my office while I was watching. The bit about crouching was especially funny as that’s exactly what happens to me when playing co-op 360 games with my son. I can’t tell you how many times he has to remind me “Dad, you’re crouching”.

“Wii doesn’t count. You’re stroking unicorns, feeding them carrots, and they’re pooping rainbows you use to paint Mario’s house.”

Great video, thanks for posting it!

I’ve always imagined being a comic and trying to use my gaming experience in my material. This guy does it well. Very funny!

haha… “what are the major themes of the book so far”… Good stuff. Thanks for link =)

I love Dara O’Brian.

His bit on alternative medicine is one of my absolute favourite performances.

The stuff about how if it worked it wouldn’t be called “alternative medicine,” but simply “medicine.” Aye, he’s a good comedian. And he’s been plugging away at getting into the industry for years. He started out in Irish kids’ TV when I was a teenager.

Link, dammit!

Oh yeah, he has a degree in physics, btw. Which comes up every so often in his routine/tv shows and generally informs what he talks about.

ah, beat by mime minutes. Too busy watching clips…