Dardevil 2 - Because Suck Can Always Reach New Levels


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Newlyweds Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are keen to star in Daredevil 2 together, in their first screen collaboration as husband and wife. The loved-up pair, who married earlier this summer, first met on the set of Daredevil in 2003, and are hoping to revisit the action thriller after their first child is born this autumn. Garner says, “Ben says it’s in the early stages, but he is hopeful. It would be fun to work together, not to mention convenient.”

Can it beat Gigli?

Actually, the first Daredevil was pretty decent… if you watch the recently released Director’s Cut which adds 30 minutes of footage to the theatrical cut.

The fight scenes (always excellent but originally too brief) are now about twice as long, and you see Kingpin killing two bodyguards single-handedly. These scenes were shortened or cut in the original release to get a PG-13 rating (12 years in Europe). The Director’s Cut now has an R rating, although that’s not quite warranted (it’s 15 years in Europe – without any extra censorship, to my knowledge).

There’s also generally more screentime for secondary characters like Joey Pants and Bullseye. But most importantly, the story was fixed. It’s really incredible how this film was butchered to meet the studio’s runtime goal. There’s an entire new subplot where Murdock and his partner solve a case that leads them to the realization that Fisk is the Kingpin; and that’s also the reason why the police comes for Fisk in the end, which was completely unexplained in the theatrical release.

Granted, the film’s biggest weakness remains… Mark Steven Johnson doesn’t know how to make exciting scenes without fights, and Ben Affleck, while terrific in the Daredevil costume, has zero control over his facial expression and voice (vulgo: he can’t act). This combination tends to make Affleck’s out-of-costume scenes simply boring, as if you were watching some random guy filmed with a hidden camera, and I suppose that’s the way it will remain in the sequel.

But maybe they’ll get a better director, or Johnson may have learned something in the meantime…

I enjoyed Daredevil. I guess I’m in the minority.

I was entertained by it. I am gonna have to get the Directors cut.

Wow, thanks Christoph.

I have to go look for that version. It’s literally a whole different movie.

As for Daredevil 2. How does that work within the comic storyline?

What you and Dirt said. The DC’s will save us!

I figured it wasn’t awful enough to not get a sequel. Not if Hellboy gets one, as it’s supposed to.

Daredevil did good business at the box office didn’t it? I recall the film making at least 80 million. I would’ve been surprised if they hadn’t made a sequel.

I enjoyed it, too. It captures the character and the Kingpin pretty darn well. The fact that he didn’t kill the Kingpin or Bullseye at the end of the flim, like they do with every other Marvel villain at the end of movies (except X-Men) made it a nice step up from the typical.


For me, Daredevil is pretty terrible. It’s one of those rare movies that I find not just bad but unwatchable. I’m really not sure what it is about it that bugs me so. I actually find a lot of the saturday night trash they show on sci-fi more watchable. I’m not even sure I’d call it bad, there is just something inherently wrong with it that grates on me like fingers on a chalkboard.

It’s going to be a challenge. They took the best characters and storylines of Miller’s run and the original series and squashed them haphazardly into the first movie. Kingpin and Bullseye are pretty much the only Daredevil villains that don’t suck. Stilt-man? Man Bull? The Owl? Those were retarded in the comics and would be ten times so on the big screen.

Unless canon has changed, Daredevil and Elektra never reunited after her death, so the movie’s already doomed.

I hated that movie. Bullseye was alright, but any superhero movie that has a superhero ignoring an ongoing crime in order to sleep with his leading lady automatically sucks, to me.

Yeah, Colin Farrell’s Bullseye was easily the best part of the movie. The rest was either bad or just forgettable. I have heard, as some of you guys are saying, that the Director’s cut fixes things up… but still, its disappointing.

And from the looks of it Marvel is getting more and more haphazard with there movie properties.

I got Daredevil and Catwoman at the same time from Netflix (put all my “superhero movies” together, you see). Compared to the steaming pile of ka-ka which was Catwoman, Daredevil was a fucking masterpiece of the genre. I could have done without the Elektra reference (I had just seen that one as well and was confused where their meeting fit in to her timeline), but otherwise Daredevil was not too shabby.

Me too. I tried to watch it a couple of times on movie channels, and I always lost it at the playground scene. Affleck smugness overload–must–change–channel…

Then you’ll be delighted to hear that this was changed in the Director’s Cut.

When they are both standing at the top of that roof, Murdock says “Sorry, I have to go” as he hears the thug with his super-hearing, leaving a confused Elektra standing in the rain.

This also explains Murdock’s crabby mood the next day which was rather surprising in the theatrical release.

The Director’s Cut has a commentary track with the director and one of the producers, and they both expressed great surprised that there were actually people who disliked their fantastically wonderful playground scene! They couldn’t understand that at all… apparently it was the producer’s favorite scene in the entire movie.

By the way, regarding surviving villains: The DC also features extra scenes in the end where you see the Kingpin, Wesley (his assistant), and Bullseye in jail. Bullseye is in bandages, of course (and spears a fly with a syringe…), but they all survive.

Nothing is said regarding Elektra’s survival, though. The terrifyingly bad Elektra movie had her reanimated but in Daredevil DC she stays dead.

“I’m a soccer mom.” – Elektra

According to boxofficemojo (here), it made about 180 Million worldwide

That doesn’t include DVD sales, does it?

No, hence the name Boxofficemojo :)