Daredevil (Netflix)


Thought I’d make a dedicated thread for clarity, we can go back to the other for more casting news on the future series or something.

Four episodes in and I love it so far, but yeah, be warned, it’s bloody and violent. If theoretically someone’s head were to be smashed in, for example, you don’t actually see a skull collapsing, but you get pretty close. If it were a movie it might be flirting with an R rating at this point. I guess that’s sort of the way of a lot of TV shows actually though. Content could probably fly on basic cable, but the tone of the violence is serious, it doesn’t have the dark comedy of something like Fargo. The point is, at least for concerns about watching with kids, don’t assume that if they can handle Avengers or Agents of SHIELD that they’ll be okay with this.

But enough about that, it’s great, the first two episodes in particular are exactly what I wanted out of it.

Episode two light spoilers:


Man, that fight scene was fantastic. It reminded me of the hammer hallway fight in Oldboy. It’s not quite the single-take-marvel on a technical level since the fight moves in and out of rooms we don’t see into (and of course the single take itself is likely faked), but artistically it felt every bit as impressive. From Matt’s entrance, fists wrapped in rope, to the exhaustion by the end, I couldn’t be happier.


Fuck, you all aren’t kidding about this puppy being pretty dark/heavy. Two eps in and really enjoying it. Having free time to blow for once is odd, so I wanna split it between this and Pillars of Eternity, and it’s gonna be a tough call where the break point between the two should be!


It definitely doesn’t get less violent in episodes 3 or 4. I wish Fisk could have been a bit… bigger. Still, D’onfrio casts a rather imposing presence, and I remember reading someplace that he drew on a lot of experience studying serial killers and psychopaths in his stint on Criminal Intent greatly when coming up with this version of Fisk.

— Alan


We’re talking about Private Pyle, I think that guy had derangement figured out waaay before a cable procedural. I just started on 4, and Charlie Cox is just as appealing here as he was in Boardwalk Empire. Rosario Dawson’s good too. Not crazy about Foggy; there’s got to be a better way to do the dweeby best friend.


Going to give this one a shot, I’m a little burned out on SHIELD but still kind of want to keep my toes in the Marvel universe. I don’t know much about Daredevil, never read the comics and didn’t see the movie but I like the folks involved so I’m curious to see what it’s all about.


Well, if you’ve been reading the other thread you know that in tearing through this. Just about to cue up episode 6 and it’s got me hard.

My only wish is for a bigger sense of how this will tie into the MCU. Other than the constant mentions of the city having been attacked by aliens which kicked off the reslumming of Hell’s Kitchen, it doesn’t feel connected to SHIELD, Iron Man or The Avengers at all.

I also wonder what the deal is Fisk’s pursuit of the art dealer is.


Does it really have to be?

— Alan


Two episodes in, and fairly loving it. Did the fight scene at the end of episode 2 remind anyone of the Hammer scene in Oldboy (Korean- haven’t seen the remake).


… does everything have to be connected to the Avengers? Some characters work better in their own miniverse than as tiny cogs in some giant macroverse, and I’ve always felt Daredevil was one of those.


Just finished the first episode and the show is terrific! Fantastic take on Daredevil.


I do hope it connects where it would make sense to, but so far (six episodes in) I don’t see any logical reason it needs to connect on anything other than passing references. There’s plenty of stuff just within Daredevil’s corner of the universe I’m curious to see if they get to.

And with the three other Netflix series in the current plan, I’m sure those will at least connect in a way that makes sense. If we’re going to shoot for the moon though, it would be Amazing if Spider-Man and Daredevil crossed paths.


Yeah, Mr. Ton. I’m liking that this is so street-level. This far, it doesn’t look like they’re putting in any huge, world-destroying plot, and that’s a refreshing change- I like the smaller focus. I hope the rest of this (and the other Netflix series) stays this way.


This is way better than i expected. Pretty well choreographed fight scenes.


Yeah, from what I’ve read, we’ve got three mid-tier superheroes on the docket: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage/Power Man, and the Iron Fist. Then, way down the line, there’s a series entitled Defenders. That group’s always had a VERY unsteady cast, so it makes sense to think that the four might team up. Sort of a miniature TV Avengers coming together in parallel beneath the big movie properties. I’d be really super content to watch that happen, TBH. . . though I am sad if it means that a second season of Daredevil would have to wait till after all the other stuff airs :(


I’m on the second episode and holy shit this is good.


Oh man, episode 6 is absolutely, positively balls nuts.

Episode 5 has a Children of Men-style inside-the-car single shot that… kinda feels a little useless. But it’s still nicely done.

— Alan


Stick is pretty awesome. Has the best lines in the whole show so far.

— Alan


Wow, impressive first episode. Full-on contemporary noir, very enjoyable. Great fights too.


I suppose I really wanted a greater sense of other “super” stuff in my superhero show. It doesn’t need to be a fly-by from Iron Man or a Kree invasion. Daredevil has always primarily been street level. I’m fine with that. I just want more overarching mythology, since I love Marvel for its big meta stories.

And, without spoiling anything specific, as of the episode with Stick (yay! I loved his character when I was a kid and he’s as good as I always dreamed), that special something is now present.

This show is laying a foundation for so much other stuff to come, it’s unbelievable. Pure speculation on my part, so not bothering with spoiler tags, but there’s a definite vibe that calls to mind Dr. Strange. I don’t think we’re going to see a Cumberbatch cameo, but there’s a certain mystical something in the air (as of the beginning of Episode 9) … I could be (and likely am) totally off on this. Still.


I’m not exactly sure what the reference at the end of the Stick episode, so I have no idea what’s going on there at all in reference to… anything else, really, but have only plowed through the first 8.

— Alan