Daredevil (Netflix)


What Wholly said, with a few additional comments. Iron Fist was rumored for a long time, but there was some difficulty getting it off the ground. It’s by far the least grounded of the four properties even considering that we’re still talking about three super heroes (4.5 if you want to count Punisher). The powers (all Martial Arts based) exhibited therein are out of the extra fantastic side of Wuxia. So it seems like some of that may not translate and if it doesn’t someone has to rework it in an acceptable manner. Though I’m hoping it all comes in because I want to see all six* Immortal Weapons in action, and all of that glorious and crazy martial art action. And I want to see the other mystical aspects (things like cities that only connect to this plane of existence every so often) just because I love Immortal Iron Fist that much (the first half of which I recently read).

I haven’t read anything about the strategy Netflix is pursuing with respect to how often it wants to give us shows from this corner of their space. If we did get Iron Fist finally, and possibly a Punisher down the road, we would definitely need to do 3 series in a year at some point. Given that we’re still in somewhat unsettled territory it may be that Netflix is being especially deliberate right now until it gets more confident about scheduling this stuff.

In closing: 29 Rising Dragons kick pls.

  • Bride of Nine Spiders can GTFO or maybe we can substitute someone for her?


Right now the properties under contract for development are the two we’ve seen (Daredevil and JJ) plus Luke Cage and Iron Fist (but not together, as separate series). Plus a Defenders series.

Punisher isn’t (yet) a Netflix thing, despite TVLine going with a rumor it was in January (Loeb himself categorically denied it and said that there’s no Punisher series contracted, without ruling out the possibility of it happening.) I’d love to see it. Bernthal is so good with the character here, and it seems as if the writers have a pretty good feel on what to do with Punisher.


I liked this show a lot, but this was one thing that grated on me. At times I could hear his voice almost breaking and it was clear he was making an effort to produce that growl.

He should take some lessons from Clancy Brown.

Fun fact I learned while looking for this. Clancy Brown is the voice of Mr Crabs!


Oh yeah, I knew that for some time - I first fell in love with Mr. Brown when he was on that creepy carnival show way back in the day. Such a cool role. Then after enjoying the Spongebob movie so much, I looked up the voice work and saw he was Crabs, which was amazing.

“Me monies!”


I finished watching this yesterday, too. I liked the story, all the characters had nice development arcs, and it set up nicely for the next season naturally (without feeling like it dragged everything out like Jessica Jones- the biggest failing of that show).

For all those lauding the fight choreography, though, I was pretty underwhelmed. I mean the choreography itself was pretty good, but the characters’ various power and skill levels were wildly inconsistent across the series, and sometimes even within one episode. DD himself was the worst- a character (Punisher, Nobu, etc.) would take him out one time without a problem, and half an hour later DD would come back and win handily for no apparent reason. And the ninjas seemed especially egregious with their glass jaws- one hit and they were down. Wtf, ninjas?


I mean, dude has aluminum knuckles in those gloves, why didn’t EVERYTHING drop with one crunch to the jaw?


I think it’s obvious the ninjas spent all their points in DEX.


Not having a heart beat makes you vulnerable to getting knocked around.


No, they mask their heartbeats. With, um, ninja training. And…look, they’re ninjas, okay?


I’d like to think at some point there was at least one Ninja wondering why they were being trained to mask their heartbeats.


“Look, there are these blind guys out there who…look. Just shut up and do the exercises, okay, Jeff? Tell you what, when you come back for your 10-year reunion you can make fun of me and your Yoshiro-san the Algebra instructor both for making you learn things you’re never going to use in real life. But for now, just do the damn drill.”


But… shouldn’t we also learn to mask our breathing, Sensei?

Actually, I can see why no one likes ninja Jeff. What a fucking know-it-all.


Well (and yes, I’m fully aware I’m getting into Comic Guy territory here), it seemed like he’d get into a protracted fight with basic yakuza thugs who would keep getting up, but then the ninjas go down in one hit. ‘all points in DEX’ is about right. It was just kind of glaringly inconsistent across the season- he could beat some does one minute, and then be beat by them the next (and vice versa) for no apparent reason other than the needs of the plot. Still, good fun, and like I said, everything else was great.


Oh, I don’t disagree at all. I just have an easy time jazzhandsing stuff like that away, because it never makes sense if you think about it hard enough.

Not in [mainstream superhero] comics, anyway. Some creators like Brandon Sanderson are exceptional at creating internally consistent power/magic systems. But IMO it’s silly to let Comic Book Guy stuff get in the way of telling a good yarn like the Daredevil show.


Isn’t there some joke about inverse law of ninja skill, the more there are the less effective they are? That’s such a common trope it doesn’t bother me any more than the normal suspension of disbelief stuff like “when could Matt ever sleep” or whatever.


I kept being struck by how inconsistent the show was this season treating Matt’s sense of smell, which is supposedly heightened to the same degree that his hearing is. In season 1, Matt identifies an assassin 3 floors away by his cologne. In season 2, he’s taking a drink with a guy in a bar and fails to notice he’s about to bleed to death? Who cares that ninjas masked their heart beats? Did they also somehow purge all the bacteria that make their armpits stink in those full body suits?


There was a single line—I can’t remember which season it was since I rematched season 1 the week before season 2—but someone, I think Claire because it was someone who knew Matt’s secret, is having a conversation in the other room or something and then asks Matt if he overheard it. He says something like “it doesn’t work like that, I have to focus”.

Which if you’re looking for things to nitpick, could be another flimsy inconsistency, but if you’re feeling charitable, it could explain why he might not notice something he’s not actively “looking” for despite the fact that he’s picked up even more subtle things at other times.


‘what does he get out of the relationship’ makes you sound like a selfish prick for what it’s worth. Being friends isn’t always about taking something from them.


I mean it’s a fair point, he’s smelling tons of things all at once in a bar. Though proximity would theoretically factor in you’d think. But, it’s a comic book story, so I’m not going to judge it too harshly.

I still found a lof of the ninja stuff silly in many ways, though. I mean, he navigates rooftops and alleys easily, pretty sure most pieces of metal don’t make any noise and you don’t see him running into them all the time. Hell, he actively hurdles them and seems to know right where they are at all times, but when it comes to dudes wearing cloth moving around, nope, can’t hear em. It’s silly, but far from a deal-breaker.


It’s probably because speed force.