Daredevil (Netflix)


That was a great scene - it was none of the finesse of DD, just truly brutal Punisher doing his bloodiest best. Have to agree that has been the best scene for me as well.


That scene was so painful to watch as an attorney. I’m not a criminal lawyer, I’m not even a trial lawyer, yet even I was damn near screaming, “How is this any type of examination, hostile or otherwise? This is a fucking opening or closing statement.”

I mean, I think for an attorney, this scene was what computer people must feel when they see movie scenes that think hacking into a system involves typing really fast in order to be faster than someone on the other computer.



Just finished season one and loved it. Very Dark - this is definitely Frank Miller’s DD. Loved the casting, the acting and the writing. Foggy, Karen and Matt were all great (for the first few episodes, I could practically see the Foggy comic book speech bubbles every time he spoke). D’Onofrio took a bit of getting used to, but with the way the story played out, his take on the Kingpin was excellent.

Just about to get into Season 2, but I need a bit of a break - the tail end of S1 was all cliffhangers, and I needed a break…


Uncovered Sex Pistols footage circa January, '78?


The one thing that Daredevil reminded me is how bad CGI blood effects are. Seriously, please stop. It really breaks my immersion to see a fake-looking texture over real life.


“Your Honor, permission to ignore the witness and deliver a monologue?”


They do a great job of making D’Onofrio physically imposing. I see him listed as 6’3"-6’4", but he feels larger than that onscreen. When he goes into rage brutality mode, he is fantastic and terrifying.


Finally got through the remaining 4 episodes and, like the other Netflix Marvel seasons, it ended pretty weakly so I would drop it a notch down to an 8.

Still really pleased with the season and with the fact that the showrunners of this season will also be managing the Defenders, but each of the Netflix Marvel seasons could have used some additional “time in the oven” to further polish the scripting and tighten the plotting. There are too many artifacts of lazy or unfinished writing: coincidences and other events that feel artificial or unearned, plot threads left dangling in a manner that feels unintentional rather than deliberate baiting for future exploration, inconsistent character transitions and personality depictions, etc.

Lots of spoiler stuff I’ll probably post in the future when people aren’t still getting through the show. Curious what the 2 cameos Alan mentioned above are, having now read the rest of this thread. Wow, did not expect so much discussion about Foggy - didn’t realize what I was walking into when I posted by thoughts on him in my previous post. I still feel the same, although I will say that the most satisfying aspects of the end of the season were where Foggy and Karen end up. The wrap up of the Punisher’s story was just wretched though.


Season 2 Spoilers:

The cameos I mentioned were Kingpin, who I really didn’t think would be in this season at all (certainly didn’t hear anything about him reprising his role), and Carrie-Ann Moss’ character from Jessica Jones. Stick I guess is a bit of a cameo, though through the previews I knew he’d be in the show. Nobu I guess as well.

— Alan


You know there are spoiler tags on QT3 now, right? ;)


I think it’s clear that although we binge-watch the shows, the writers didn’t binge-write the shows. That is, they write an episode, film the episode, write an episode, film the episode, instead of writing and editing a whole 13-episode arc. That leads to foreshadowing that doesn’t go anywhere, dropped plot threads, inconsistent pacing, and other narrative bugs that are evident when you watch the whole thing back-to-back over a weekend.


Yeah, that’s true. I don’t think it’s an issue of forgetfulness, of course, just an on the fly re-evaluation of what’s working and what isn’t. Dropped threads and foreshadowing can be excused away as intentional red herrings on the editing floor, but more than likely many of them were going to connect to storylines they decided to abandon. As an example, I’m actually ultra-annoyed that we didn’t get more exploration in season 2 of Karen’s “moment at the negotiating table” from season 1, because I felt that was the moment that turned the series from good to great for me when first watching it. While it went mostly unremarked up in season 1, I figured that’s because it was going to lead to something heavy down the line. Nope, or at least not yet.


I think that moment was definitely reflected in season 2, particularly early on, and influenced Karen’s relationship with Frank and her views on vigilantism in general. There were several occasions where her dialogue and expressed views were clearly callbacks on that experience.


Was it my imagination, or did they imply at a few points that Karen had a history with violence even before the timeline of the show? I’m thinking of the newspaper editor showing her some old article where I couldn’t read the headline quickly enough.


They did. And in the moment, she asked "Do you really think this is the first time I’ve shot someone?"right before plugging Wesley full of holes. It’s that history which went unexplored.


Yep. I did pause on the newspaper headline, and it appeared to be that a young male Page died in a mysterious car accident, and [somethingsomething]. She’s talked lovingly about her brother in the new season a few times, but doesn’t seem to have an ongoing relationship with her family at all. I suspect either A) her family’s dead, and she avenged them (hence her sympathy for Frank), or B) she had to kill someone in her family because of Reasons.

But answers to any of that appear to have been pushed off to at least S3.


I finished watching season two tonight. I did not like it as much as season one. Late in the season, some of the dialogue between Daredevil and Elektra was just awful. In general I wanted more Punisher, and I am looking forward to a Punisher show.


At the time I thought that was just Karen talking tough, but now I’m not so sure. The combination of that quote and her sympathy and admiration for Frank Castle start to paint an interesting picture.


Daredevil Season 3 was announced yesterday, “coming soon” - going to be keeping my Netflix account for some time, sounds like.


I don’t think there’s any Daredevil news, I just wanted to bump the thread while Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Defenders threads were all at the top. Sorry.