Daredevil (Netflix)


Just finished.

Holy shit.

I think this might be the best Netflix Marvel season of them all.


Holy shit.

Fisk and Bullseye were perfect. Nadeem was amazing. Karen and Foggy were incredible.

Ugh. So fucking good.

And if this is the end of Marvel on Netflix, at least this one goes out on a solid note. Sure, some cliffhanger elements, but not nearly as bad as that amazing cliffhanger scene from Iron First S2. Damn I wanted to see THAT story continue.


I just binged this in its entirety. I just could not stop watching. Clearly the best Netflix-Marvel season so far.


Just at ep 10 but yea it is breathless and I just can’t stop but have to for the kid. The greatest Season of any Netflix series so far, so good.


I thought it started kinda slow with Matt going through the same personal struggle he has every season, but it sure picks up.


Yep, pretty great season! Sad to say it, but I’m afraid thats going to be the series finale. After IF & LC bit the dust, looks this is probably also going to get killed.

Nice stripped down season that focused on the core story. As usual a few weak elements, but overall miles better than season 2. No distraction with Hogarth or other side charcters showing up. As much as I enjoy her character, even including Jessica Jones would have felt wrong here.

Spoiler about Ray.

I REALLY expected him to have set up a webcam or left his phone camera on or SOMETHING to film his backyard. Just would have been a nice extra piece of evidence, but I guess then you can’t have the end credit sting…


Damn I’m only on episode four but holy crap the prison sequence is absolutely amazing.

— Alan


Yeah, that was incredible.


Only 3/4 of the way through, but I just have to join in the chorus of Holy Shits.

Everything has come together superbly for this season, it all just flows beautifully, with top notch writing, action, acting, cinematography, music, everything. What a team!

I’m trying to pace myself, but the temptation to binge watch the whole thing in one sitting is hard to resist, it’s so gripping - but on the plus side, it’s something to look forward to coming home from work! :)


I binged 5 episodes Sunday night, stopping around 12:30 am and only because I had to be at work 8 hours later. Finished the season up last night and while I enjoyed it I’m not as enthusiastic as most others here. But I’m not a TV person, it’s the incredibly rare television show that really lifts my skirt up. The first 4 episodes were too damn slow, and I was on the cusp of quitting just minutes before the prison scene. It picked up, but like all the other Netflix-Marvel shows it seemed to peak around episodes 8-9 and then sort of trail off. And Matt’s spiritual-identity struggle never really gelled with me, I just didn’t buy it.


This was great, probably the best Daredevil (and by extension, best Netflix Marvel series) ever. Wasn’t a huge fan of the climatic battle, but that’s trivial compared to the other ~12 hours.

Edit - I REALLY liked the new Foggy, too. He cut his hair and lost weight. Huge improvement.


I’m really not understanding when this season is supposedly so good.

I’m mean I’m watching it, it’s not abysmal. But it’s really slow, and not a lot seems to be happening (I’m about six episodes in).

Also, Karen’s really starting to wear on me. That actress needs to add to her repertoire beyond her go to looks of “frightened/sad” and “angry” that she applies to everything (and she even seems to sometimes get those confused).


I felt exactly that in Season 2, like a lot, but for some reason she didn’t grate on me as much this season.


Speaking of Karen, that overly long flashback was the only part I hated about this season.


It was too long. Also, I don’t think Vermont is quite that trashy.


Finally was able to watch the last two. Overall fantastic season and I dug the ending. On one hand closure and on the other still the opportunity to move forward. I hope there will be more and this wasn’t just a last hurrah.


Good season overall. Slow start, and watching Matt being an asshole to everyone did not make for an awesome experience, but things ended up unfolding nicely (although also mostly predictable).

The action set pieces were enjoyable. I did like the Matt/Dex dynamic of it. Instead of two equally strong people simply pounding each other into submission until one of them has no stamina left, it was a bit more fun to watch one of them being better as close combat while the other tried to keep some distance because that suited his skill set.

Spoilers for the final episode

Why did Matt actually go to the wedding instead of simply unleashing Dex on his own? Just to protect Marianna? Or was it a “I need to kill Fisk myself” thing?

Also, is there any specific significance to the very last scene of that episode? The one with Dex. Was ist just an “uh oh!” moment, or something specific that makes a fan of the comics go “Oh that is happening now!” ?


Same here. I was not really fond of Foggy in the past seasons, but I think they found a good angle in the third. Karen, on the other hand, … as soon as it’s about to get slightly emotional, she switches instantly into that trembling-voice-misty-eyes-on-the-verge-of-crying mode.


This is how I read those two spoilers

I took it as he did not plan on having Fisk killed, but needed to clear his name, so had to convince Dex to show up and rampage in his Daredevil suit. Now, on one hand that’s a terrible plan because clearly Dex is going to kill a lot of people. So technically Matt didn’t kill anyone, but he set up a lot of chaos.]

As for the second point, copy and pasted from a wiki:

With the help of a Japanese crime lord, Lord Dark Wind, Bullseye’s bones were laced with Adamantium

This season was definitely more of a slow burn, but I’m okay with that. Agree that Karen was not great in this season. While the extended Vermont flashback filled out a lot of info about her backstory I don’t think anyone really cared that much. I think she worked best in the Punisher series, and that’s mostly because she didn’t take center stage. Writers did seem to have a much better handle on Foggy this season. He was pretty adrift in season 2.


My impression was he did it to create enough chaos to get in. He couldn’t get past security, but he knew Dex could and Dex did clear him a path straight to Fisk. Or maybe he did plan to have Dex kill him then heard the video from the FBI guy (since we’ve established his super hearing) and decided to go in and change things.
Also the whole clear his name thing to some extent.


Man, that first episode is interminably slow. I have more patience for that than most of my friends, but convincing people to watch it at lost me some goodwill, especially with that absurdly contrived nun character (jokes about people needing to get laid? it’s as if the writers’ idea of what a nun is was derived from sexy halloween costumes and female bartenders).

The only thing keeping me going at this point is Fisk. I suspect I’ll still enjoy this season once it kicks in, considering I liked the prior Daredevil seasons, although both failed to stick the landing at the end. But i’m close to abandoning Marvel Netflix (I’m only partway through Jessica Jones season 2, which I will stick with, and haven’t seen 2nd season of Iron Fist or Luke Cage). The shows are just too slow and bloated, with not enough damn superhero content (and I don’t mean action - I mean more Marvel connections, villains, characters, etc.), and the writing and contrivances are just so terrible compared to quality movies or HBO shows, or Better Call Saul, etc. They just feel like low budget network TV shows too often, without enough Marvel content (or even association with the movie universe) to be rewarding for fans of that universe.