Daredevil (Netflix)


Drop it for now, pick up Hulu. Lot’s of great content there you can’t get on Netflix. Then in a few months, drop Hulu, jump back into Netflix and watch whatever catches your interest.

Hey, where is Stranger Things season 3?


As I look at my list, which remains hundreds of entries long, and the possibly interesting new shows and movies that turn up faster than I can possibly watch them, I have such a hard time understanding how someone could be running out unless they had tastes so specific that no other service is markedly more likely to satisfy.

Also that Hulu deal is the with-ads version. Fuck ads.


Honestly? It takes a lot for me to go through the bother of it. I’m willing to stop everything else for say Jessica Jones or Daredevil. But for Random Thing #432? Not so much. I could have it on in the background, but that generally means I’m missing everything, and that’s generally what I watch streamers for.

So it’s competing with Twitch for my attention (and Amazon). Buster Scruggs was enough to make me stop doing everything else and pay attention, but say… Sabrina? I dunno, maybe? I might give it a shot since none of my streamers are live at the moment. I still have Castevania, that could be background noise.

There is just far too much chaff on Netflix a lot of the time. I’ve had times where I want to watch something and sorting through the garbage with no sort of ratings system is just tedious and random. So I tend to only watch things I know are good. Which means doing research or stumbling into them online or the like.

It’s far easier to fire up some silly dude in a pirate hat that I know will do something funny at some point in the next couple hours while I’m playing Battle Brothers and barely paying attention.


I mean I agree that Netflix has really fucked up discoverability lately, and I certainly spend plenty of time watching people play videogames (just, edited YouTube videos and not livestreams) but it doesn’t seem that hard to hear about more stuff on that service than I have time to watch just by seeing what people are talking about on forums and podcasts and occasional roundup lists on places like the AV Club or whatever.

On the other hand, I am guessing many people watch more TV than I do (actually I know this to be true) and between getting through more of the new content as it hits Netflix and having probably watched some of the other stuff on my list as it aired, perhaps years ago…


I stopped having TV a long time ago. Streams and Netflix replaced it. It’s just that streams are better analogue for TV for the most part. They’re basically endless and always new. I don’t have to search for them, I just turn to the “channel” I’m interested in and let it happen.


I mean, I don’t know many people who still watch OTA TV, but the point is the content, not the method.


That was my feeling until I actually got the “limited ads” version of Hulu. 3 or 4 breaks of 90 seconds each in a 40-ish minute show actually is nice, I’ve found…perfect for refreshing drink/snack or checking something on the Internet. No ads is still better, of course,but it isn’t a dealbreaker for me any more.

Now, some of those weird anime services that insert ads at seemingly random intervals that run like 3 minutes each? Fuck those ads.


Well, I also stopped watching OTA TV, but would add that I can’t understand how people watch streamers. People jabbering on and on and on wasting my time. Make it a nice concise 5-10min video and I’ll check you out. Anything beyond that is a no-go.




By the way, those who are craving more Netflix supers content, don’t forget they’re still producing multiple shows based on Mark Millar’s Millarworld comics. I’m sure they won’t be hateful and misanthropic at all!


Oh that actually makes me feel much better. Since the movies and TV shows never connected at all, there’s nothing in particular about these shows being Marvel-affiliated had actually matters to me. I don’t know enough about any superhero to have an attachment to, say, Daredevil over Mandemon, the deaf Jewish protector of South Philly, assuming both shows feature good actors, awesome fights, and an interconnected narrative element.

The above is not sarcasm. I genuinely don’t give two shits about Marvel apart from the strength of their interconnected cinematic universe. Since they jettisoned the various TV properties off into several unconnected black holes, these shows only matter to me anymore because they’re good, dark, gritty superhero shows, and any license could do that, theoretically.


Yeah. Theoretically. But Mark Millar is the Kick-Ass guy. So my hopes aren’t super high.


Which shows?


Announced series include Jupiter’s Legacy and American Jesus (aka Chosen, where a kid discovers he is the second coming of Christ except he is actually the Antichrist


My fault for clicking the spoiler, but I guess I can skip this one. :)


I actually really liked the comic, including the twist I spoilered. But I have no idea where he was planning to go after that and it seems unlikely to be sunshine and roses.


As much as I liked season 3, I can’t say I see where else the character could go from here. I’m comfortable with the decision to end it here. It would take a very good villain to breathe new life into the show, and season 2 did not leave me confident in their ability to create someone on Fisk’s level. (That was also the biggest problem I had with Jessica Jones season 2.)


Yeah, it’s not a bad ending (Rome and Carnivale…) but it would have been cool to see more of it. But at the end of the day it’s a pretty good TV show that got canceled. I’ll soldier on.


Heh, I actually posted this on FB during today’s service to see if anyone got the reference (no one did of course).

Miss that show, would love to see a movie wrap-up for it like they are doing for Deadwood.