Dark Phoenix - The last of the Fox Marvel mutant saga?

Doesn’t seem completely terrible? I’m getting “this is the final one” vibes, which I think is potentially a good thing.

Can’t see how they can carry the current cast and storylines into the MCU. Not sure I would like them to either - even though I quite like some of the casting choices and characters of the rebooted XMU. But the XMU isn’t even internally consistent from one film to the next - not really much point in trying to make it consistent with the MCU - even if that were possible.

Hope they did decide to go for making an “ending” film where the spend some time on providing closure. That’s such a rare thing in these franchise films.

Yeah, end this storyline here and re-introduce the X-Men in the setting of the MCU through an Avengers or some other franchise film. With new actors, other than Hugh Jackman.

The X-Men movies are making the same mistake as the DCEU. They haven’t earned the right to tell the Dark Phoenix story. No one knows or cares about Jean Grey, so no one will care she turned evil. She’ll just be another generic Bad Guy in this movie.

Civil War, for example, worked because they had 8 years of movies building up to it. If they did Civil War as Iron Man 2 in 2010, it would have been shit. If the 2012 Avengers was just right into Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet it would have been shit. They hadn’t earned it yet.

Personally I’m just getting flashbacks to X-Men 3, which was a complete trash fire. Maybe this movie will handle it better (it could hardly do worse) but I suspect it would be better off not invoking that particular specter.

Besides we already know she’s gonna be fine because Famke Jansen was there when Wolverine went Back to the Future.

I agree. The biggest problem with pulling off the Dark Phoenix story successfully is that no. one. cares. As you say, they right way to do this is to build up a fan favorite character that people care about over a series of 3+ films - and then hit with the Dark Phoenix storyline.

I don’t think this will be as bad as X3, but for sure, that’s no high bar to clear. I do think it has the potential to be ok-ish.

Also, I have no expectation that this film will be in any way consistent with any other X-Men films. They haven’t cared about that before - don’t expect them to start caring about that now.

This better not suck.

I remember my main thought when watching Xmen Apocalypse was just embarrassment on behalf of all the excellent actors like Fassbender who were in that piece of shit movie. As in, how could they agree to be in that movie?

I don’t have much hope for this. There were extensive reshoots, and the rumors are that Fox seriously considered scrapping it entirely at one point.

It might be okay, I guess, but it seems like a longshot.

Yeah, if X-Men movies have been consistent in any way, it’s that they’ve shown time and time again that great actors are no guarantee of a good film.

There’s no reason for optimism here with pretty much the same cast as the last few: a lot of talented people and also Sophie Turner. If anything there are only warning signs. Focusing on Turner’s Jean Grey, Simon Kinberg’s first time directing, and that’s before all the delays and production drama we’ve heard about.

I’ll be there in the theater to see the franchise off, but just out of curiosity.

It’s likely they are under contract for a certain number of films, so they don’t get to pass if they see a bad script. And good actors make terrible movies all the time, so it must not be super easy to see it coming even though sometimes it seems like it should be.

Yeah, I realize that. It was just amplified at the time because I’d just gotten done watching Fassbender as Steve Jobs. The incongruity was so extreme, I was embarrassed for him.

I have VERY low expectations for this.

First, she’s terribly cast in this role. She neither looks nor acts the part. Famke Janssen looks SO much better.

Second–X3 sucks hugely.

Three–there’s no way they are going to do the actual comic version of the Dark Phoenix saga, which I though was just awesome when it came out. For example, I can’t see them doing the Sh’iar stuff at all.

Fourth–X3 sucks hugely

Fifth–I don’t think anyone gives a shit any more. They are just trying to wring some cash out before surrendering the franchise.

Those are all very compelling reasons.

It really would have been cool to see the “real” Dark Phoenix book brought to film. But that would have required years of coordination, multiple movies setting things up, and a true commitment to an overall vision from the studio leadership.

And I think we can all agree that we’ll never see anything like that, especially with a comic book franchise.

Didn’t we already have a bad version of this in a movie?

The X-Men franchise has no excuse for sucking this badly. They’ve had 20 years worth of movies to build upon, fantastic actors in the key roles, ample time and budget, wonderful stories to draw from. They just keep fucking up.

They re-cast Prof X and Magneto and hit gold again with the actors. They got Oscar winners in blue body paint doing gymnastics and somehow keeping a straight face. And yet, they still fuck it up.

Ya, the guys who are directing the XMen movies are just garbage.

At least we got some excellent movies out of it though. Days of Future Past was just really good, and wouldn’t have been as good if it wasn’t for what we’d seen before in X-Men, X2, and X-Men First Class. It really was the culmination of all the good stuff from those past 3 movies. And then Logan was so good, and again wouldn’t have been as powerful if we didn’t know those characters from the four movies.

If someone is coming into it fresh, not having seen anything, I’d just tell them to watch:

X-Men: First Class
X-Men: Days of Future Past

And that’s it. Maybe one of the Wolverine movies where he’s in Japan, but that’s not as good as these.

Of course, if someone watched these, they would ask me, what the hell was up with the ending of X2? Why did Jean Grey die in such a contrived way? Erm, well, it was setting up the terrible X3, so you don’t need to worry about it, just put it out of your mind.

The Wolverine in Japan one has good parts but overall it’s a bad movie.

Wolverine is like Superman-lite where it seems the only way to challenge him and make an interesting story is to negate his healing. It shouldn’t be that hard.