Dark Souls 1 - why is this not clicking?


You took a swing at a guy peacefully sitting at a camp fire and you blame the game for that?


How do you do this…? Do you need extra hardware?


Sony released a RemotePlay client for Windows and Mac.


Just chiming in to say that DS is very much worth the time (and some frustration) required to get it, I’ve dropped it twice before it clicked for me, and then became one of my 5 best loved games ever.

As for the first boss, try to avoid him - there is a door at the far left side of the room that you should use. After some more doing you will be ready for that boss.

and try not to attack people sitting quietly minding their business. Well, unless they start get up and shuffle towards you :)

Edit: I love how Discourse handles spoilers.


Just to be different I will say that I have played through DS1 twice on PC without DSFix and have been very happy with it.

As for playing the game itself, Dark Souls prides itself in not holding the hand of the player. The opening area is basically the tutorial, after that the game will not tell you how to do anything. Read the red messages on the floor. Practice the controls they give you and try (I am not to good at this part) to remember them. Kill everything, except docile non-attacking NPCs.

Get a range weapon, either a bow or some kind of magic. And yes, you will die, and you will die often. But that is what makes not dying so special and satisfying.


And tell us of your adventures here:


I was exploring the game and it’s systems, like I would in any game,and punished for it. Usually I’d just reload and carry on, but in this case I just rage quit as the game was ruined. I couldn’t get past the crossroads without that guy chasing after me and killing me.


So when you played Baldurs Gate or Assassins Creed or Fallout or Mass Effect you just attack NPCs willy nilly and expect good things.

General rule of thumb…if the game doesn’t have a quick save option, never do something stupid.


It’s pretty dumb but that’s early enough in the game to just restart.

Believe me, I’ve gone through all the stages of rage. Once you’re experienced enough to look past the annoyances you can focus on the good stuff. It just takes some investment.


Don’t mind the sweetness and light folks here. I’ve bounced hard off of every D_x_ game I’ve played.

I found the experiences similar to pounding my nuts with a pipe wrench, without all of the advantages thereof.

But yeah, DSFix is mandatory for DS1.


Regarding the original post, I’d hesitate to use Steam link on a game that already challenges in so many other ways. Reduce the variables…

For players new to the boss fights, I recommend not even trying to attack. Practice running away while looking at the boss (claw grip, yay) or learning the enemy attack patterns and how to reliably avoid them.


If you’re prone to rage quitting, might as well get it over with nice and early from an angry merchant’s wrath.


Was the first one made for controller or mouse/keyboard? I was wondering if one of those control schemes worked better than the other?

I have DS2 I picked up super cheap from a sale for PS4, and don’t have DS3. Thought I’d wait to see if I like these and also wait til it’s very cheap.


These games are extremely rewarding if you can get past the technical difficulties and the difficulty difficulties.


When I first saw this thread I was super confused how we could have made it this far with out a Dark Souls 1 thread.


They’re pretty much made for controllers, like most 3rd person action games.


You could go ahead and fire up DS2 now. 60 fps, no fiddling with DSfix, and an easier start to the game.

You can always go back to the original later.


I Just started playing this about 3 weeks ago. I got it on sale for $4.99 on Steam and also bought an xbox controller to play it with. I’ve been PC gaming since they were invented but have never owned a modern console or used a controller until Dark Souls. It’s been quite an experience learning both game and controller in such a difficult environment.

Now, 3 weeks later and I’m level 90, just finished the Catacombs and am currently working on the Giant’s Tomb. Steam says I have 100 hours in the game and I love it to death. In fact, I think it’s one of the finest games I’ve ever played. I have raged at it, yes. I have been incredibly frustrated at times and walked away, yes. I’ve lost sleep thinking how the crap can I beat Ornstein and Smough, you bet. But, it’s one of the finest gaming experiences I’ve ever had. I posted this about it on another forum recently:

The more I play this game the more impressed I am with it. It is an incredibly dense game. There is just so much to discover and do. The lore is very, very good. Nothing in this game is in your face. It’s all there for you to discover for yourself, there’s no hand holding. There are many ways to proceed and many ways to power. Also, many ways to die. It’s unforgiving but, with perseverance, eventually what was hard becomes easier. The art and animations in the game are so excellent. It all combines to create a brooding, atmospheric environment that feels very real. The areas are really one seamless world and their architecture is breathtaking in scope and consistency between areas. It’s an amazing accomplishment and I see why the game has sold millions of copies. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played.

So, don’t give up on it yet. If some old geezer like me, that had a few decades on you and has never used a controller before can do it, so can you. It’s worth it.

Also, the dsfix mod is a must. Make sure you text edit the config file and set it to your preferred resolution and that will make it look very much nicer indeed. Be careful setting your frame rate to over 30 though, as it will make your jumps shorter and that’s a killer for certain jumps you have to make. I had my frame rate set to 59 for the first part of the game and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t make those jumps. I changed it after doing some googling and no problems since. There also a setting in there that disables the intro videos which is a nice quality of life thing.


There aren’t any jumps you have to make.

I applaud your enthusiasm, but one of the challenges for new players is navigating all the helpful tips from the true believers. Right now Jeff just needs to kill the damn first boss. I wouldn’t confise him about 60 fps in DSfix. It will be fine.

Learning to navigate 3D space on a gamepad by playing Dark Souls is definitely frustrating. I raged and raged.


On a PC you need to play these games with a controller. The m/kb just doesn’t do it. DS1 is probably the better game, but I think DS2 may be “friendlier” at the beginning. Both follow the same basic pattern though.