Dark Souls 2 PC


DS3 is a pretty good game, with great graphics and with much quicker combat. It is more an homage to DS1 and DS2 than anything with a new plot.

The youtube guy I mention above (Cool Gaming Bro) is currently playing DS3. Early on he used the Dried Finger, an item to encourage invasion, he literally spent the next 20 minutes fighting with invaders, woh were invaded by blue sentinels and fighting with a “mad” invader.

And yea, I am pretty sure of the 5 bosses I have left, all three in the Iron king DLC and 2 in the Ivory King DLC, I will be unable to beat any of them solo. These DLC are designed for co-op play.


If there was some way we could co-op I’d dust off the cobwebs and come help you out, but alas my desktop PC with my DS2 installation is dead (not to mention the whole soul memory thing, I’m sure we’re quite different).

I do feel the stirrings of yearning to get back into DS though, I’m sure DS3 will be soon.


Yesssss. I’ll join you when you do that. I have had the Xbox version for a while. We won’t be able to co-op, but we can still keep each other up to date on the forum. And if you beat a certain giant tree before I do, I’ll finally look into getting help online.


Yes, playing through DS1 and DS2 at roughly the same time was a lot of fun, especially the first one. I think it will have to be soon.


I now have all three crowns from the DLC. I used player summons to help with the Fume Knight and the Ivory King. Both, even with player summons were good fights. The Ivory King fight kind of represents the entirety of the DLC as if you do it right you end up with a gang war.

I still haven’t beat 4 bosses from the three DLC’s. I was invaded three times trying to get to the Blue Smelter Demon and the I haven’t even found the third boss in the final DLC.

Before I quit I am going to try to beat the Smelter and Sir Alonne. Maybe I will give the gank squad another try.


Good fights – I’m one of the weirdos that came to appreciate Smelter Demon – with horrible boss runs.


I have not tried it yet, I am not sure I even know where it is, but the run to the Ivory Kings Two pets is supposed to be worse. Hard to imagine.


So I am done here. I ended up beating the Blue Smelter Demon with help from the NPC summons and the Gank Squad in the Sunken King DLC with help from a human summons.

But Sir Alonne crushed me, damn he is fast, and after wandering around the Frozen Outskirts and meeting the Ice Ponies I decided I was done.

So I moved on to Mass Effect Andromeda.


A good effort, you got a lot further than I did with those bosses.

Perhaps we will meet again in the Dark Souls 3 thread at some point. Unfortunately Battletech is about to land so I’m not quite there yet.


Meanwhile, this is what I moved on to after finishing Battletech, and I’ve been making my way through it over the last couple of weeks. I’ve had it forever, but didn’t get more than an hour or two into it on previous attempts (I love Souls games, but have to be in the right headspace to accept the frequent setbacks and frustrations, and my work/commute/school life was pretty stressful until a couple of months ago).

In this case, the beginning was by far the hardest part, at least of what I’ve done so far (I just finished getting the four great souls and reached the castle). Pretty sure I died more in the first few hours in the Forest of Fallen Giants and Heide’s Tower than I have in all the areas since then combined.

I went with a cleric, since I haven’t played a faith-based character in any of these so far, but have wound up mainly relying on regular combat, with just a few miracles for support. Have reached all the DLC area entrances, but haven’t found the key for any of them yet.


I have yet to play any of the DS games as a cleric. I have gone the sorcerer route and it is very tough until you get a few good spells. I haven’t done pure pyromancy either, although there are some very helpful pyromancy spells worth having.


I did the original Dark Souls as a pyromancer. I can confirm that it was fun until I got to the gargoyles. Then it was impossible. That fight basically led me to abandon pyromancy in that game, and become a sword and board fighter instead. I think I might have used pyromancy once or twice after that, maybe in Blighttown.


Pyromancy just seemed so slow in a fight like that. And you get limited uses. IN DS2 there are several consumables that will refill your spell uses and so a long fight can be handled.


Yeah, even if you could get a spell off in time, it would usually miss because the gargoyle would move. And usually you didn’t get it off in time, because even if one was in an animation that gave you time to cast the spell, the other one would be on you.

But up to that fight, it was a pretty good way to supplement your fighting, and get some easy kills in some areas.


Finished this up last night, and it definitely stuck the landing, with the late-game areas being just as fun to explore as the early ones. I think I did a few things out of order, and wound up having to check the wiki a few times to find out where to go toward the end (and to jog my memory on where various locked doors and such were that I had passed a few weeks ago). As everyone has said, the DLC areas were the highlight.

My build was probably sub-optimal, as I tried to go with a hybrid Str/Faith approach, but the miracles didn’t play a big role in most of the battles. Even with 50 Faith, the offensive miracles didn’t seem to do enough damage to rely on, and the buffs were helpful, but probably less impactful than just ignoring spells and having another 40 points in physical stats all the time would have been. I experimented with a bunch of the weapons that I picked up, but nothing ever supplanted the Battleaxe I was using from pretty early on as my primary weapon. Somewhat annoying that the vast majority of cool/special weapons seem to be huge greatswords and hammers, which just feel too slow to me, and still weren’t quite consistent enough about staggering their targets to be relied on. I did use a Grand Lance for the second half of the game, and it was pretty impressive, especially with the ring that boosts counterattack damage with thrusting weapons.

But it was enough to get the job done, and I managed to do it without summoning other players (I treat that as a last resort because it seems to wind up trivializing fights that I’d rather learn and master, and the couple times I tried, nobody was around). I did use the NPC phantoms for the Charred Ivory King fight, after dying on it repeatedly, and getting tired of fighting the first phase over and over again just to have the chance to learn the second phase.

But for the most part, I was definitely too parsimonious with consumable items, and ended with a bunch of them in reserve (including 90-odd Human Effigies). I wound up doing most of the game and bosses in holllow form with the Binding Ring equipped to keep my HP at a decent level. It’s not that I was opposed to using the consumables per se, just that I hate to use up non-renewable resources against something that’s just going to come right back if (when) I screw up later. So I would tell myself I’d do an area/boss a few times telling myself that I was just learning it and would use the consumables once I was ready to do it for real, but wound up not actually needing them.

Most bosses took around 3-6 tries, which feels about right to me (enough to have some enjoyable friction and growing mastery, but not enough to get really frustrated). But there were outliers on both directions – A decent number went down on the first attempt (including the final boss gauntlet), and a couple took a ridiculous number of tries (Smelter Demon, Charred Ivory King, and Fume Knight in particular).

Until the last few hours, I avoided looking anything up, but managed to explore pretty thoroughly. Looking back at the wiki now that I’m done, I missed a few optional bosses (Ancient Dragon, Darklurker, Gargoyles, Royal Rat Vanguard, and the three multiplayer-focused areas from the DLC). And I botched or missed a few NPC quests, as well as a smattering of items, secret doors, bonfires, etc.

Anyway, highly recommended! Now to decide whether to move on to Nioh immediately of play something from another genre as a palate cleanser first.


You’re either in the wrong thread, or I played the wrong DLC first.


I think the DLC’s for DS2 were excellent. I don’t think all of the bosses were. Each DLC had at least one boss fight that was really over the top. i am thinking of the gank squad, the double alva frozen world fight and the run to and the Blue Smelter Demon fight. But the areas themselves were some of the best in the game.

I beat every boss in the game (I plead guilty to a few summons) except for the Darklurker (I always forget he exists) and the great looking boss with the shiny floor, damn, can’t remember his name. Oh, and the two freakin cats in frozen land.


Which one did you play first? I thought that the Sunken King was the weakest of the three. The emphasis on shooting arrows at switches and jumping between platforms made it feel like a bad Zelda clone rather than playing to its strengths, and those phantom knights were obnoxious to fight in close quarters, but other than that, it was a fun place to explore, with lots of enjoyable fights. And all the DLC areas were pretty cool from a visual and lore perspective.


Yeah, I had received a warning that each DLC has one optional area off to the side with a ridiculous boss that’s really intended for playing with friends, and will be an exercise in frustration to do alone, so I skipped those.


I’m not sure which DLC I played. It was the one that was obvious on how to enter. It was a snowy area, I think. The regular plain old enemies were so hard, I eventually ran out of potions and died before I got to the first bonfire. I know that eventually they would stop spawning, and I could get through that way, but all of Dark Souls 2 was like that for me for the most part, and I was tired to winning through attrition.