Dark Souls 2 PC


I don’t understand why people have so much problem with Fume Knight. Maybe I got lucky, but I think my secret is that I had a huge ass shield with good elemental resist, which in fact is the secret for every boss fight.


I usually stay pretty light and dex oriented so the big shield thing isn’t a possibility. But since facing him a few times I did finish the main game and I can now use a larger shield. What with the DLC I have leveled up more than normal.

I had a hell of a time with Nashandra until I realized I was trying to protect myself from dark instead of curse. Changed rings and armor and she was no trouble.


Yeah I remember I had great trouble with Sif in the original until I decided to go for a different set of gear, and beat him first time. I’d gotten so used to my usual method that I’d forgotten to think more laterally about each encounter. Of course, given that you can technically beat every boss with the worst weapon in the game (according to some stream I saw) that only makes me feel marginally better.


I saw yesterday on a youtube comment some wanker claim he had beaten the Fume Knight on his first try with the ladle.


Yeah right.

I beat his mom on the first try with a ladle.


So after wasting a couple hours Saturday with the Iron King DLC I thought I would get started on the Ivory King DLC. If you haven’t played it you get the option really quick to go left or right. Left is a boss, right leads to regular enemies.

It being a weekend I thought I would try the boss, and when that didn’t work out too well I would lay my summon sign down and hope for the best. To make a long story short I spent probably 4 hours playing co-op against the boss and running thru Eleum Loyce. Maybe the most fun i have had in co-op ever with Dark Souls.

I was summoned at least 10 times. The boss died 8 of the times. Eventually I summoned a guy who led me thru town and eventually back to the boss where he took the boss down. I have never done that before, but my frustration with the Iron King DLC let me do it and it was fun.


So you tried it without the Eye of whatever it is that makes it visible? :) That would have been a challenge.

I never had much luck summoning anyone when I played DS2, other than the first Pursuer fight (which I spent some time putting my own sign down to help others with too). Must have hit a lull period.


I play a couple sessions usually on weekends, and with it raining here last weekend I played a little more than usual. And I am on the west coast so maybe I get more people who are up and playing, but there are weekends when it seems pretty active.

While trying to get to the Blue Smelter I was invaded twice. I am watching a youtube of a guy playing the DS2 DLC and he has been having a lot of luck invading people.

But I do think the DLC (probably because of the difficulty of the bosses) seem to attract a lot of action.


Probably impossible considering the boss’s ability to almost one hit you.


Even with the Eye I couldn’t make much of a dent in the King’s Pet. If I’d persisted I might have been able to, but I think a certain amount of fatigue had overtaken me at that point, including the feeling that it was difficult just for the sake of being Dark Soulsy, rather than because it was rewarding. Plus, I read that you had to fight two of the damn things a little later on, and that wasn’t going to happen without help!

At some point I want to start on DS3 but I’m still waiting for that fatigue to wear off.


First you have to play the Dark Souls remake!

When I was catching up on Souls games I felt like I was playing a new expansion or an old game in the series every few months. It never ended.


DS3 is a pretty good game, with great graphics and with much quicker combat. It is more an homage to DS1 and DS2 than anything with a new plot.

The youtube guy I mention above (Cool Gaming Bro) is currently playing DS3. Early on he used the Dried Finger, an item to encourage invasion, he literally spent the next 20 minutes fighting with invaders, woh were invaded by blue sentinels and fighting with a “mad” invader.

And yea, I am pretty sure of the 5 bosses I have left, all three in the Iron king DLC and 2 in the Ivory King DLC, I will be unable to beat any of them solo. These DLC are designed for co-op play.


If there was some way we could co-op I’d dust off the cobwebs and come help you out, but alas my desktop PC with my DS2 installation is dead (not to mention the whole soul memory thing, I’m sure we’re quite different).

I do feel the stirrings of yearning to get back into DS though, I’m sure DS3 will be soon.


Yesssss. I’ll join you when you do that. I have had the Xbox version for a while. We won’t be able to co-op, but we can still keep each other up to date on the forum. And if you beat a certain giant tree before I do, I’ll finally look into getting help online.


Yes, playing through DS1 and DS2 at roughly the same time was a lot of fun, especially the first one. I think it will have to be soon.


I now have all three crowns from the DLC. I used player summons to help with the Fume Knight and the Ivory King. Both, even with player summons were good fights. The Ivory King fight kind of represents the entirety of the DLC as if you do it right you end up with a gang war.

I still haven’t beat 4 bosses from the three DLC’s. I was invaded three times trying to get to the Blue Smelter Demon and the I haven’t even found the third boss in the final DLC.

Before I quit I am going to try to beat the Smelter and Sir Alonne. Maybe I will give the gank squad another try.


Good fights – I’m one of the weirdos that came to appreciate Smelter Demon – with horrible boss runs.


I have not tried it yet, I am not sure I even know where it is, but the run to the Ivory Kings Two pets is supposed to be worse. Hard to imagine.


So I am done here. I ended up beating the Blue Smelter Demon with help from the NPC summons and the Gank Squad in the Sunken King DLC with help from a human summons.

But Sir Alonne crushed me, damn he is fast, and after wandering around the Frozen Outskirts and meeting the Ice Ponies I decided I was done.

So I moved on to Mass Effect Andromeda.


A good effort, you got a lot further than I did with those bosses.

Perhaps we will meet again in the Dark Souls 3 thread at some point. Unfortunately Battletech is about to land so I’m not quite there yet.