Dark Souls 3

Join the Dark Souls summer funfest!

Yep. I just discovered Blade of Mercy at the tail end of my Bloodborne playthrough, so I’m gonna go twinblades for DS3. Downloading now. I’m actually pretty blind on this one! Might have to avoid this thread a bit except to give my own progress updates…

Me and Krok are still pretty near the start. You’ll overtake us tonight, probably.

Scott is a little farther ahead and will soon finish the game (judging by the pace he finished the other games in the series).

Scuzz is even farther ahead, but he’s checking out the PvP and Coop systems so I think you’ll overtake him (by his design) soon.


I’ve never given PvP a try in one of these games (Demon’s Souls the official server was down and I was too lazy to set up the fan server, Bloodborne I don’t have PS+, Dark Souls the first time I think I was just too late), so I might dig into that aspect a bit here, too.

I think my time with Bloodborne must have served me well. Beat the Iudex first try. Mercbex ready to rock:

Hmm, a couple hours in, level 17 and two bonfires on the High Wall, I found a guy and let him out, but now it seems like the only way forward is through a ton of knights, and those guys are very tough…

Jeez, you’ve already surpassed where I am after six hours in only two! Only just found the jailed dude, no idea where the key is yet. I descended a ladder and found a giant dude carrying a massive halberd, and… er… ascended the ladder again. :)

I should pick this back up again. I was making pretty steady progress a month or two ago and had just reached Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, but went on vacation and haven’t picked it back up to relearn how to play.

I seem to have hit a brick wall with my pyro character; fireball is great against the slower-moving bosses etc, but most other things can handily dodge it. So I’m playing more melee, and with my starting gear that feels very tough. I’m having great trouble against those knights. I went mano-a-mano with the first one trying to learn his moves, but I can’t get past his shield. I’m not very good with the shield kick move; I seem to screw it up each time and go for a primary attack instead - is this worth learning? So far I’ve been rolling past and trying to attack from behind, which doesn’t work at all with the knight.

Anyway, for a break I went back to my knight character. Killed Iudex and the crystal lizard first time, which felt good without the crutch of the fireball (ok, now I have the shield as a crutch!). Can’t kill the samurai dude though, he’s pretty vicious! But it’s feeling good so far. I’ll keep going with this guy for a bit and see how I fare against the knights.

Me too! It’s a great feeling. I still have a tendency to check a guide or wiki after I’ve “completed” an area, just to make sure I didn’t miss any essential path/loot/illusory wall. But, I think I may abandon that strategy soon, since I’ve been making my way pretty thoroughly on my own.

Haha! I’m starting to slow down after that initial burst, but I must say, I’m feeling very much in the flow with this one. With DS2 I was consistently running into mechanical/gameplay roadblocks, and I never felt 100% comfortable with it as a result.

DS3 feels much better. But that may just be a result of having played soo many of these games back to back to back. Gitting Gud at Bloodborne probably helped a lot too.

Yeah…F that guy. That little courtyard is a pretty cool area. There are plenty of sidepaths you can run down to avoid that lumbering monstrosity.

Dooo it! This is going to be the place to be all summer ; )

You’re a Dark Souls veteran so you don’t need to hear it from me, but those knights are no joke, so try not to get discouraged. I spent the better part of two play sessions trying to master them (there is one particular red-eyed blue-caped knight I’m sure I spent two hours on…completely optional, btw). Shields (for enemies as well as the player) feel a bit buffed in this one, or maybe the enemy AI is better.

I found the shield kick a bit too inconsistent to use against those knights. It works better with less dangerous enemies. I liked to bait them into an attack and then follow up with a quick strike, or circle around to the left and hit them with a side blow. Later, when I felt more comfortable, I would open up with a jumping R2, or, if I had mana, I’d use my special ability to uppercut their shield away.

Have you used any of the special weapon abilities yet?

You should have an easier go at them as the Knight with that amazing starting shield. The longsword is no joke either.

Ok, so I’m having a much easier and more productive time with the knight. I’ve already picked up a Deep Battle Axe which is pretty good, but even better I found a raw gem drop from a standard undead and so I’m now using a Raw Longsword. It kicks ass. I even found another raw gem from a crystal lizard, but I need a refined one to take it any further (unless I reinforce it with titanite, and I have enough to do that).

With all this, I mastered the knight in a couple of goes. Well, “mastered” is perhaps not quite the right word, but I felt confident that I knew how to kill it, and so I did. I’ve got enough dex now to use the longbow, which is great for plinking away at those freakin’ abyss monstrosities. The one on the roof is seriously difficult because the camara disappears into the mass of black coils, and I’ve no idea what’s going on. I did kill it eventually though. Feels good man. So yeah, way ahead of the pyro in terms of ability right now.

I picked up a Claymore which looks ridiculously hefty, but I need a bit more strength for that. I remember having fun with one of those in DS1, and the halberd too, but I’m liking the speed of the longsword at the moment.

No. I mean, the longsword doesn’t seem to have a weapon art other than “look cool”, and I haven’t tried the battle axe one yet (which I believe is Warcry?). I’m having too much fun hiding behind my shield. :)

The uppercut is very solid. Knocks shields away violently.

What’s this? Each weapon has a special move or something? How do you activate it?

How do you use it? I haven’t figured that part out. You hold down LB and then RT?

After you 2hand the weapon (Y) you hold LB to get into the special weapon stance. While holding LB using either RB or RT will use a special ability which consumes mana (FP).

Ah yes, just tried it. Nice! I guess it’s a quick swap to 2-hand, shield knock, then strike, then back to 1H plus shield.

Hell yea. Adds a bit more depth to combat.

I’ve only used the abilites for long and broad sword.

Psyched to see what other weapons can do.

Yeah, the shield breaker skill is fantastic. I was sparring with the shield and pike guy, and was have trouble getting any damage on him. Switched to two-handed, broke his shield, smashed him! I take a couple of hits each time, but I can kill him pretty reliably now. Starting to run out of stamina, so pumping endurance a bit from now on. Now have a Raw Longsword +2. It still outpaces the normal longsword even though Raw doesn’t scale, but I can see a time will come when I’ll want to do something different.

Got the cell key, got the ring, heading to the fat winged knight dude to see what happens. This could be bad! I’m hoping there’s a bonfire down here somewhere…

Oh man, I just rush those guys and kill them before they can transform. I accidentally did it to the one on top of the high wall, and now every time I have to go past the one on the roof I’m sprinting over and mashing L1.

Everything feels kind of slow and sticky after Bloodborne. Maybe I’ll give OoK another try or two today…

Wow, I must have glossed over the tutorial message about this. Can’t wait to try it.

My pyro character could easily get over there and dispatch him before it changed, but the knight usually fails for some reason (done it once in about 8 attempts). Now I just run past them. Besides, I’ve found the shortcut back to the first bonfire. I haven’t taken on the fat winged knight yet, but instead went down the stairs and found a large archway with an ominous looking room. There are half a dozen signs on the floor saying “beware beast”. So yes, goodbye accumulated souls! It was nice knowing you…

nb. I’m only joking about the souls, I only have about 900.