Dark Souls 3

Is it just me, or do enemies have some insane tracking in this game. Fighting against knights, and rolling behind during their attack animation only to have them spin like tops and hit me anyway is…not fun.

How can I set the bombs so that I can throw them without going to the damned inventory screen? Can’t you set them instead of the potions or instead of a shield or spell?

It’s the bottom row of the equipment tab where you set those, and then you cycle through them with down on the D-pad.

Actually it might just be one particular attack of the knights, although I think that Fat Halbardier has some crazy tracking attacks, too. Maybe it’s just his swings are enormous.

Oh, also it seems like the twinblades don’t have a “weapon art,” although I guess on the upside I can use all my estus allotments for normal flasks…

High Wall down, boss was easier than the knights! Level 21, not sure where I ought to be putting my levels. Mostly health for now, a little endurance, less dex…

Yes. Although if you are lame like me you put as few things in those slots as possible because I am always accidentley hitting the rotate button.

As I said above the Knights are great for practicing against and farming their equipment. What you do with levels depends on your play style. I usually go all out for endurance early because it helps you get that extra swing or two in and also helps you roll out of the way when you need it. Dex or strength depends on your weapon choice.

Don’t forget your shield. He might have a big effing weapon, but your shield will still absorb 100% of the damage from it as long as you have stamina and he doesn’t shield break. So I’d wait for the deflection and then strike, or roll and strike. Once you’re behind him you get 1-2 free hits. You can also try parrying, LB with the shield equipped, then RT to do a massive damage attack. I tried it a few times with this guy and it’s not too hard to pull off. Also, worth noting that your stamina recovers a heck of a lot faster if you put your shield down - pretty essential to learn that timing.

Once he changed form, I’d switched to two-handed and just went to town on him. While he’s changing you can get 3-4 good hits in, and I found it easier to stay close and try and get behind it. But when you see it stretch upwards, get the hell out otherwise it lands on your head.

You can do it! By the way, that Tom video was epic to watch. He was far more disciplined than I was, the roll during the jump looked very effective.

I was going pretty well through the Undead Settlement when I met Holdrick the Holy Knight. I was already running low on HP with no estus remaining, so I was getting quite confident when I got him down to half health. Then he tried to heal, and I made Dark Souls Stupid Error #1: being greedy. On my third hit, he parried, riposted my health down to a sliver, and… well, that was that basically. Oh well, should be easier next time that I know where everything is coming from!

Yeah they do. If you go over the posts in this thread you’ll probably find some posts of mine where I bitched about this and some other things, like enemy combos that are too long, or enemies with infinite stamina. It feels like game wants to be BB but the old DS combat system can’t keep up.

Mind you, this is despite getting platinum on release. I love the series to death but I firmly believe it needs new leadership, Miyazaki lost his touch.

On my way to the Cathedral of the Deep something happened that I won’t spoil…but I was clearly overmatched, and ended up in a place I’m probably not supposed to be at yet. I’m super eager to get back there because it looks awesome, and has some deep lore implications for DS1. Need probably 5-10 more levels.

The Cathedral of the Deep is…challenging. A bit of a maze. But I’ve been lucky enough to find all the shortcuts, so I think i’ll be able to make good progress today.

Getting a little sick of the broadsword. Want to find something else to compliment it.

I’m still going through Undead Settlement. This place has a lot going on! I reached the place blocked by archery dude, and went back along the bridge to the second area. Those guys hefting the cauldron’s around, holy crap do they hit hard! I mean, if you make a mistake they hit you four times in succession, which is about 4/5 of my full life bar! Also, I hate those matron spellcasters. Stay away and get a slow tracking bolt, get close and either get whacked or fire-hugged. Nasty.

Anyway, I found my way to a gigantic cathedral, ventured inside (ignoring the warnings of the dude with the giant lamp-post weapon) and found my old friend Siegfreid! The lift only goes down… oh yeah, so it does. Uh oh. That’s about where I’m calling it a night.

I’ve got my Longsword up to +3 Raw now, so about 197 damage. It’s better than anything else I have at the moment, but I feel that I should be looking at getting STR and DEX up so I can scale some of the other weapons I’m picking up. Still keeping pace with combat, when I don’t fluff it up.

Such a great moment. I was having a rough time in the undead settlement, but seeing him lifted my spirits.

Does it…? insert thinking emoji

I noticed this with an axe guy who attacked five or six times in a row.

Nice Demon’s Souls callback on the trip to the Undead Settlement.

I’m not a Miyazaki fanboy like the rest of the Internet, but it’s definitely the series that’s getting tired, not the creator. He was smart to switch things up with Sekiro (though not as much as advertised) and this new game with a bigger world.

I agree with this. Depending on how the rest of DS3 plays out (and Demon’s Souls) my top three FROM games are probably going to be: Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro.

It’s a testament to the man in charge that he’s willing to stretch himself and his studio to develop new games/concepts, instead of just trotting out an endless stretch of Dark Souls sequels.

What other studio has this kind of track record with successive new IPs?

Agreed about the series. Still, this is a great game and I hope you all will allow yourselves to enjoy it without too much nostalgic mental tempering. I say that because I too felt DS fatigue later in the game when I first played it. It might not be as fresh as Demons’ or as memorable as DS1 but it is consistently good and more polished than either.

I didn’t get a chance to play last night, but this morning I played for an hour.

I went down the elevator shortcut I unlocked for the whole hour. I never did bank any souls. But I did manage to kill all the knights a few times. I only fought the red-eyed knight once, and had him down to about 10% of his health left until he finally caught me. He hits HARD. I didn’t see the point of trying to get him again since I’m not banking any souls anyway, so on the next run I just moved on. I got the banner, and then started making runs at the boss, or as the lady NPC called him, the great hound. This dog is so fun to fight. I love bosses that mostly have big telegraphed moves.

I love this psychological aspect of these games. If you just analyze these enemies from a gameplay perspective, they’re not that hard. Hmmm, let me wait until he commits, and then dodge, and then hit him, and then back off, etc. But it’s not just gameplay. There’s a huge freakin’ creature there who is screaming at you and jumping right toward you and I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t be dispassionately thinking about just gameplay at that second. I start to panic and react emotionally, and I start making mistakes. I also love that aspect of this game.

So yeah, I got him down to about 10% health also, like the red-eyed knight. But I haven’t beaten him yet. Hopefully I’ll get to play tonight. If not, he’s mine tomorrow morning! :)

When I beat the Orphan in Bloodborne, it was on an attempt where I just said, “Eh, I’m gonna die again, but let’s see how well this goes,” and when I started to get excited because I made it to “round 2,” I told myself again to calm down because I was just gonna die and this was exploratory only.

And then I won.

Yea, you really do need to put it off a bit. The enemies (well, some of them) ramp up quite a bit and the main boss is a real bitch.

Yea, this game does has some great original ideas but much of the game is a call back to the previous games. While some may not enjoy that I did.

Some of the toughest enemies in the game are the active loud ones. The guys in the Farron Swamp who jump at you and eat your head, the crazy guys in the Crucifiction woods with crosses on their backs etc. They are designed to make you panic.

Sometimes I find it easier to play with the sound off.