Dark Souls 3

So, I was on the Xbox this evening, watching my son, I switched over to Dark Souls 3 for a bit, and made a run at the Rotting Tree again. I don’t know what it was. Maybe the fact that I was trying to keep the controller out of my son’s hands as I was dodging both him and the swipes from the tree, but I beat the tree, and it seemed really easy. Don’t know why I had like 10 deaths to this thing before.

And afterward I discovered that the tree area was a dead end? What the hell? If this wasn’t the way forward what was?

I lit the bonfire and looked at the destinations, and it looks like I already have a destination at the bonfire at the bottom of the elevator. Apparently that bonfire was not a dead end but the way forward.

So… the tree was optional this whole time?

Well, technically, but you need it to make items from boss souls, so it wouldn’t be a good plan to skip it.

The very same.

Yes, I couldn’t tell you how disappointed I was to learn there was no exit from the pit! I had a definite “where the hell do I go now?” moment, until I remembered the elevator. But as Mysterial says, the thing you get from the tree seems pretty damn useful / essential. My stats are way too low to make use of anything I’d need it for… for the moment.

Nice work on the tree though. Now do it with your pyromancer! Actually I assumed it would be quite easy, being a tree and all, and having fireballs at your disposal…

I am really, really, reeeaaaallly having to resist the urge to kill Leonhard for his armor.

Also, Crystal Sage blows.

I just ran into the Crystal Sage. I mean, I wasn’t expecting to run into a boss arena, and I died with one hit from the homing crystal, so yeah my feelings exactly. :)

Longsword is crazy good in DS3. Not top tier damage per hit but overall DPS is nice and it has an excellent moveset which is worth far more than big numbers. Especially in a game where poise doesn’t mean anything.

Another interesting option is Anri’s sword and building for luck. You can get some really chunky bleed procs with that thing.

But my favourite char remains a vanilla assassin with (b)estoc, parrying shield and spells that allow you to move around silently. It turns Dark Souls into a stealth game and it’s so much fun.

Yes, I really like the overall moveset, particularly the piercing strike which is still doing solid damage to most mobs. I just think that at some point I’m going to outgrow the Raw enhancement. The Irithyl sword from Outrider Knight (ok, I looked it up) looks pretty good - a decent straight sword plus frostbite damage, although it needs twinkling titanite to upgrade which sounds like it’s going to be pretty rare.

Any other decent straight swords to look out for?

You guys referring to Smoldering Lake?

no345 … I don’t know the name anymore of the area, from where you can access the secret part, it was somewhere in the Tower of Latria type of area (Irithyll Dungeon, looked it up). In Irithyll Dungeon you need to look for messages ;)

I played the whole game coop, so I think I have to go back and beat it solo. Some bosses solo were really hard, so I fell back to a friend. Only problem were the effing invaders.

Got it, also got the Black Knight chest piece. Still rocking the Fallen Knight Armor set (looks too cool) but swapped out the helm for the Executioners (badass) and my shield of choice atm is the Stone Parma. Finding it hard to break away from the Broadsword. It’s just so quick and does such great damage.

Been working in the Bastard Sword more, and just crafted a boss weapon that pretty much gives me Artorias’ moveset…which…wow…I’m guessing Artorias picked up a few tricks from the Abyss Watchers (or vice versa).

Okay, cool. Just got to Irithyll. WOW. What an introduction to that area. eyes popping out of head emoji

Those frost knights are dannnnngerous.

Had a wild run in my limited play time last night. Took out two bosses + a mini-boss, and discovered another branching path with two new areas. Opted to go for Irithyll. Was feeling a bit claustrophobic down in the depths.

Smoldering Lake, while not a huge area, goes into my pantheon of amazing Dark Souls areas. I won’t say much until others discover it for themselves, but I loved everything about it. The approach is so menacing with the loud boom boom booms, and what’s lurking down under those waters! And the cave encounter! And the boss area!

The game is just dripping in lore, and it’s not all hidden behind item descriptions this time. There is a lot of environmental storytelling that I’m paying close attention to.

I got the Crystal Sage down, it was one of those bosses where I died maybe half a dozen times without making much of a dent, then changed strategy (magic resistance) and it went down the very next time as if it was the easiest thing in the world.

Now I’m exploring the rest of the swamp, and it’s pissing me off. :) Three times now I got into a fight with something and right at a critical point my targeting switched to one of those baby crabs, and opened me up to some serious damage. I was fighting those two scimitar (I think) wielding guys and had one of them on the ropes until a crab wandered in. Bastard!

I also got invaded immediately after winning the Crystal Sage fight (after I swapped bonfires) and got slaughtered. Shield break - riposte - followed by backstab. At least they waved! I never won a single invasion fight in Dark Souls, my track record is very likely to remain unblemished.

One of my favorite things about Bloodborne, too.

Ok, so I beat those two guard dudes; awesome fight that was! One with a club, the other with a blade, one of those fights where the AI tries all kinds of tricks to get you, and having two was an added challenge. I headed down the ladder and ended up at Farron Keep. I chose to keep going in this direction, it’s a vast place and easy to get lost, and discovering an “old friend” (aah) from Dark Souls was a “treat”. (not)

I managed to extinguish two of the fires, then found a bonfire and couldn’t resist having a look through the archway, found a ladder leading up the viaduct, and another bonfire and a rather large wolf. Not quite Sif sized, and fortunately a little friendlier this time. The covenant looks a bit too pvp for my taste, so I headed back to Firelink with another level under my belt. Running out of stamina is a big deal in DS3 when you’re hiding behind a shield and enemies are striking 3-4 times in a row.

The sword from those big dudes has me rethinking my winblades dedication…

Explore around this area a bit more…there are some surprises (and good loot!) waiting.

Last night my Pyromancer backtracked a little. It bothered me that I never explored the High Wall properly. I was able to go to the rooms I never explored and eventually found a Cell Key. Of course, by that time I totally didn’t remember where it was that I found a cell that I couldn’t open, so I was trying to explore the rest of the high wall area, but that one area where the dragon used to breath fire is really tough. Oh, and that one mimic in that room always kills me. This time I even knew it was a mimic and it still didn’t care.

I assume you found the cell? You’re in the right general area. But yeah, that mimic freaked me out. The very first chest I find and it’s a mimic! Every chest now has me super wary.

I just remembered I never took on the fat winged knight circling the bonfire. I’ll have to go back and deal with him. I also feel like I can explore the rest of the stairs area near Vordt.

Aha! This is where you guys mentioned the jailed dude. No clues as to where he was though. Hmmm, I’ll just have to keep exploring tonight. Then it will back to the Undead Settlement. I did open that door after beating the giant rat, so I have a short cut from the one bonfire to the dudes carrying around the huge cauldrons.

Haha, that giant rat freaked me out so bad the first time I saw him that I just turned around and ran.

Finally did the Sage, with help from Eygon. Actually I’m not sure how much help he was. He was usually a day late and a dollar short with his strikes, but I was extremely more aggressive than previously.

I couldn’t help myself, and I murdered Leonhard for his armor. After having just played Bloodborne, I wanted it too badly to wait (and I looked up his quest, and I’m probably not gonna miss the other items). He was tougher than I expected, though.