Dark Souls 3


Great job!

I’m banging my head against Sister Friede and her charming papa. I got to the point where I can mostly beat her first phase, but the 2nd phase is hit and miss. I feel like I’m cheating a little using the skill from the lightning axe I took from the empty armor, but hey.

She is pretty tough. I usually can get her to the third phase but solo I have never won that fight.

In the end, I managed to beat her by practising not using the shield during the first stage. I’m sure it helped that I tried this a dozen dozen times at least, but it’s one of these bosses where getting hit is just not an option I guess. It actually went pretty smoothly, other than a moment of fear where she got me with her decapitating grab and reduced my health bar to almost zero.

Three more bosses to go. I got a taste of all 3 of them. Nothing too serious because I wanted to get the sister out of the way. I can tell right now that Midir is going to be a chore. These huge, agile boss fights are fought against both the boss and the camera.

What platform are you playing on?

PC. Are you playing? I’d be very happy to coop.

I think that if DS was ever made into a movie, it would be an arthouse movie where the audience comes out all confused.

I have it for PS4.


Terrence Malick’s Dark Souls

This would mean it’s long and super slow paced.

I think he was referring to David Lynch.

Good call, Lynch definitely doesn’t make long, slow-paced films.

After having seen The Green Knight, I think David Lowery would be the man for the job.

My quest to solo DS3 continues - finally managed to get the Soul of Cinder. I’ve been at it for a very long time, and this evening, following a few naked practice runs, I donned armor and had a surprisingly calm time taking him down.
Only Midir and Gael are left. I actually enjoyed the few attempts I made on Gael. Can’t say the same about Midir, but down they must both go.

Gael is doable, but I never even got close with Midir.

Good luck.

Gael is an amazing fight. I fought him over and over until I finally won. I don’t feel like he cheats at all. Plus the arena is epic.

Midir, well…I fought him for a while but had to put the game down and come back later. I beat him later. It’s really Midir NG+ that is just soul crushing nonsense.

Uh oh. I hope they find a fix and get servers back online.

I will be very bummed if this delays Elden Ring even further.

Hackers have come up with some very aggressive and destructive things lately and From has chosen to ignore it. I have seen worries that From hadn’t made Eldon Ring any more secure than they did DS3, and if they haven’t they very well may have re-think releasing it until they do.