Dark Souls 3

Just came across this place in my MS Flight Sim adventures.

Stairs to boss fight on right.

That and the Irithyll Dungeon area. But both are full of items that you should want. Titanite shards, pyro and other spells. The Demon Ruins is in fact a necessity if you want to do a pryo build. There are two books in there and numerous spells. There is also a bone shard and a an estus flask in there.

Somewhere I have seen a whole bunch of pictures showing the buildings that much of the Dark Souls areas are based on. Makes you appreciate both.

Just finished this on my lunch break, barely squeaking it in before the new consoles arrive. Loved it as expected, though I was playing on hard mode because I somehow didn’t notice that I could burn Undead Bone Ash to upgrade the Estus Flask until almost the end of the game. Still a few optional bosses that I can go back for at some point.

The Irithyll Dungeon is more like a poor man’s Prison of Hope from Demon’s Souls. They never could quite recapture that magic.

Just finished the first DLC! Have enjoyed all my time with DS3. Logged almost 40hrs. Can’t get enough of From games. Not quite as good as bloodborne, but it’s a ton of fun. Sister Freide might be my favorite From boss yet. That fight was brutal, but fair.

What is wrong with you?

Also, I had to look that one up because I forgot about it.

Well. Lots. But I stand by it being a good fight! Even if it took me several hours straight to nail it.

She’s fun to help people with once you get the rhythms down.

One of the bosses I have never beat solo. Gawd I hate it when she does the disappearing act. One person I summoned to help me was a bow only build, who did literally no damage against her. But I think the best DS player I have ever seen was a person who I summoned into that fight.

This. She is fun to fight (just not solo) and getting summoned to fight her is great fun.

The second DLC is gank city. Prepare to be invaded. But it is fun with lots of stuff to do. The bosses range from stupidly hard to very easy, but one of them is also one of the best in the game. Lots of lore as well.

At first I totally felt the same way. Lots of panic dodging followed by 3/4 of my health being yanked out of my face. But, once I learned how to spot where she teleports to it’s a great opportunity to punish her.

Second phase isn’t too bad as long as you’re patient.

Third phase is pretty brutal and you just have to survive.

I want to say I have beaten every boss in DS3 solo except for Midir. Fucking Midir, man.

I got invaded a couple of times in the Ringed City in the big outdoor swamp area and just sat down waiting for the person to find me, watching them run around off in the distance and eventually give up and go away.

Urge to reinstall…rising…

|Month|Avg. Players|Gain|% Gain|Peak Players|
| — | — | — | — | — |
|Last 30 Days|11,502.6|+2,058.8|+21.80%|23,374|

Holy shit, is there an event going on right now or something?

Yea, the second phase is the easiest. But you need enough health left after phase 1-2 to survive phase 3. That was always my problem.

I have beat all the regular game bosses solo. But never Midir or Friede. I don’t even screw with Midir anymore.

Maybe the game went on sale during the Holiday sale, although I didn’t see it there. But sales usually spike the number of players, and invaders.

On a side note, I spent the last month or so 100% both DS1 and DS3. In doing DS3 I had to do a lot of invading to get a certain covenant item. That went from a pain to a lot of fun by the time I was done. I gave up trying to 100% DS2.

Yeah, there was not a single boss I couldn’t help someone out with (Friede, Nameless King, etc.) that I couldn’t give about a 85% guarantee that we would beat it, but Midir? Flip that around, maybe 15% of the fights I was involved with succeeded. Just such a brutal boss.

Well as you know we never managed to best Midir even as a team (with me in it, at least!). He remains the only DS3 boss I never beat.

Also, do you count your solo victories as true solos, or with an NPC assist? Despite the HP bump, having a distraction for the boss to focus on can turn them from a serious challenge into something relatively straightforward. I have forgotten which ones I beat truly solo, although the best fights were usually done with another player.

Urge to reinstall is still… relatively low. :) But it will happen at some point.

I don’t count NPC summons. They are usually dumb as a bag of shit and sometimes they even make fights harder.

Both of you are goddamn ridiculous. One for loving it, and the other for forgetting it.

True solo. NPCs void a solo boss kill. The Law Firm goes down much easier with Solaire as distraction but there are exceptions:

Midir is a lot harder on NG+ with the NPC summon. The NPC doesn’t help much and dies fast, and you just gave Midir even more health?

His health pool on NG+ is stupid.

The best I ever did with Midir solo (no NPC) was about 1/4 health. I really thought I had him, but I think I misjudged one of his fire AOE attacks. After that I never got him down by more than half.