Dark Souls 3

Oh, you know I probably did most if not all of the bosses “true solo” (feh) because I wasn’t embered for pretty much the whole game except when I was laying down my sign for people. I summoned a number of NPCs in Bloodborne, though. They were very rarely of much help, but it made me feel better. I only did that because I couldn’t summon real people (no PS+ back then). For the DS games, why bother when there are real people if you really need help. DS1 I remember specifically summoning only for Ornstein & Smough. DS3 I needed another guy to beat Midir. DS2 I don’t think I summoned anyone…damn that game was long.

True solos. In many cases having a summons will turn a boss into a joke. Although it depends on the boss, more so in the later games I think. Solaire is mostly useless against Ornstien and Smough, while Tarkus will beat the Iron Golem all by himself if you just stand back and watch.

Using a human summons for most bosses turns the game into easy mode, although again with some bosses the added health out weighs that.

Yea, almost to long really. And some of the best bosses are in the DLC.

Oh, I did summon someone in DS2, now that I think of it. Smelter Demon. Oof.

Come on. Poor Solaire gets a bum rap. I would have never beaten them without Solaire. As long as Solair can survive long enough so that I can beat one of them while he keeps the other occupied, I was able to finally beat them.

This is certainly true with the gargoyles in the original Dark Souls. It was such a challenging fight. And then I summoned Solaire, and it was trivially easy.

That’s been my experience too. I’m basically only embered when I beat a boss. Occasionally pop them for health. So uh. Now I have like 40 something just sitting in my inventory.

Taking a break and running through bloodborne for a 3rd or 4th time before hitting the final ds3 dlc

I do think that is how I beat them the first time. He finally did his job so that I could do mine.

There is a summons in DS2 for the spider boss that I use simply because I hate the run down there so much. He pretty much does the boss by himself.

I’m jealous of people who can solo the bosses in this game.

I did many of them, but Abyss Watchers stress me out so much I can’t take them down solo, or even reliably get to phase 2. Same with Pontiff Sulyvahn. I would love to be better at them; fighting Artorias in DS1 was amaaaaaazing, and they seem similar. But this game is just that much faster that I get stressed and can’t hang.

I tend to play as a Dex-focused character, or my favorite, a Curse-focused Bleed build that was super fun to play. Maybe a Str/Quality build with some heavier armor would give me the breathing room I need to handle these guys…thoughts?

One of the cool things is that it really does seem that all builds can be pretty competitive in single player. However that doesn’t mean the build is going to work for you. Quality build does seem pretty commonly recommended and while a good shield won’t fix everything, it might help you survive a little longer.

As far as armor, from what I’ve read armor seems fairly unimportant for survivability(I could be wrong!)

Man, it’s all about bringing the biggest shield money souls can buy.

Not even Midir can touch me behind my Havel Greatshield!

I like to play light armor with the best weapon I can swing. I tend to start dex then with levels build str. But, I will admit that starting pure strength is probably the easiest way to start the game. The real key is learning to dodge attacks instead of blocking them. Because of that I level endurance (for stamina) above all else. Also because I am more likely to die from taking one swing to many than from being hit at the wrong time.

Having said that I do always have a 100% damage shield equipped, I just don’t depend on it.

Just finished ds3 after watching elden ring trailer. Beautiful game

Welcome to Qt3, Meliisa!

It is a fun game that leans heavily on the subject matter of the previous 2. If you haven’t played them you should give them a try. A little slower, the graphics aren’t as nice but there are just so many great moments.

Wait, DS3 has worse graphics than DS2 and 1? How is that possible?

@Meliisa Hi! Welcome to QT3! Lots of wonderful people here.

I think he was referring to DS and DS2.

DS2 IS too long. Even more so with the DLC.

Like when you get to the castle you think you are at the final area of the game…then it just keeps going and going: some underdark shrine okay, catacombs, and now WTF is this mansion? And dragon zone! Now I have to time travel a bunch by backtracking to other areas? Are you fucking serious?

This is like what I like to call…dragging ass.

Yeah, the third game I messed around with multiplayer a bunch and spent a lot of time idling, so I don’t know how long it took to get through, but DS Remastered took me 37 hours to do the main game (although I didn’t find everything and go everywhere…still haven’t seen Ash Lake) and DLC, while DS2 took a whopping 80 hours to do the same.

Yea, I was saying DS1 & DS2 graphics aren’t as good as DS3. But what older game in a series has better graphics than the most current game?

I ws watching something online and the youtuber commented on the basic Dark Souls color palette. or perhaps I should say the lack of one. There really is very little that isn’t a shade or black or gray. Maybe some red in the sky as the game progresses, but other than that very little.

I would tend to agree with this. The DLC are very good, but the main game drags some before you get to the end. DS2 is not a game to rush through or you will get worn out.

And I probably took over 100 hours with all the games my first time through. I don’t necessarily try to 100% anything but I do like to explore, rarely run past enemies (although in subsequent play thrus I will) and I am always looking for that hidden thing. Plus I try to finish the NPC quests if I can.