Dark Souls 3

I missed most of these, I think, because I didn’t really use wikis or guides, just blundered through from one boss to another and didn’t poke my head into everything or backtrack. If I was having trouble with a place (ugh, Blighttown) I was just thankful to be out of it and moved on.

Bloodborne I did use external resources, partly because I’d already spoiled most of it for myself before I thought I’d have a PS4.

I always played thru an area the first time, past the boss, before ever checking a wiki. I never wanted to spoil myself. But each game has areas you would probably never find unless you were a super explorer or you used a wiki. And most NPC quests require a wiki.

DS3 was my most hours (126) because I played every inch of it including the DLC, including multiple failed attempts at that bloody dragon. DS is a close second at 125 hours, again I explored the entire thing and completed all the DLC. DS2 was a distant third at 100 hours where I explored the full game but tapped out on the DLC. While I enjoyed the DS2 main game for the most part, I found the DLC tedious (mostly because it was stupidly hard for the sake of it), unlike the enjoyable DLC for the other two games. In fact DS2’s DLC difficulty put me off the formula for so long it took me years to get to DS3.

All three DLCs? Yeah, they are harder.

The first DLC is probably the best content in all of DS2 though. Or I am a sucker for lost underground cities.

Also there are zones in every DLC that is bullshit / designed for co-op.

That’s the one I got the furthest with, but I couldn’t beat the first of the two final bosses. For some reason there were never any player signs there.

I was undoubtedly burned out on it by this stage though, and there was a sense of me wanting it to be over, not really the right mindset to be in. I couldn’t shake the feeling that DS2 failed to live up to the first game. I also think that had I not touched the DLCs I’d have probably ended up with a more favorable impression of it.

I mean this is all relative. They were all exceptional games in the end.

None lol. That’s why I was confused :)

:( :(

I have never beaten that dragon, not solo, not with summoned phantoms and not as a summoned phantom. It is the only boss in any of the games I have not beat in some fashion.

Midir is crazy. I did a lot of boss helping in that game, and most bosses if the summoner had their head screwed on straight you could practically guarantee a win, but I could probably count on one hand the number of Midir summons I went on that I survived to see a victory happen. No idea how many I died in where the host survived, though. The vast majority I’d say the host died within thirty seconds. I still remember the absolutely spastic victory dance the guy I summoned to help me out did when we won.

I got him down to maybe 10% once and fluffed it (NOOOOOOOOOO etc), but every other time I was lucky to get him down to 50% health. And the more people you had, the exponentially harder it got. I think the 10% one was with you Kolbex, you died earlier and I somehow kept going, just not quite long enough. I probably did that thing where I looked up at his health bar, lost my intense focus, and died.

Oh man, the kiss of death. :)

I beat Midir NG+ true solo. It took a solid 3 hours of back to back retries over and over.

It is a grueling endurance run of limited mistakes as any hit you take is massive requiring an Etus swig. Massive health bar and damage resistant dragon of destiny. The fight feels like 30-40 minutes of constant pressure. I think I always ran out of Etus by the end and had to switch to alternative healing sources.