Dark Souls: any other console games as good?

I’ve had several consoles over the years, but so far Dark Souls is the first game to really enthrall me. I’ve put hundreds of hours into different characters and builds, and even though I’ve yet to finish the game on any of them I’m still having fun. I’m curious if I’ve missed any other games that are as good. Other than Demon Souls, of course, which I own and will play once I’m finally done with this one. I have a PS3 and a XBox 360, so it doesn’t matter which (I’m not much for the Wii though).

I’m particularly interested in console games which go beyond the short, sharp fun experience of a Halo kind of game. Dark Souls seems unique to the console world in being playable over a long period of time, but I’d be happy to find other examples.

I really liked Valkyria Chronicles and Resonance of Fate. Different genres than the Souls games but both very fun and engrossing in their own right.

Well, Demon’s Souls. :)

Although Dark Souls is better IMHO.

The Bethesda RPGs are an obvious suggestion. More info would help. Most people who post here are pretty well-versed in games, but depending on how well-versed you were, you might not be asking.

Also, any genres off-limits?

The Bethesda RPGs are an obvious suggestion. More info would help. Most people who post here are pretty well-versed in games, but depending on how well-versed you were, you might not be asking.

Also, any genres off-limits?

Obviously not.

Other than Demon’s Souls, no. I honestly don’t think there are.

The Bethesda games are great but I’m thinking mostly of console only games like Dark Souls. If a game exists on the PC I tend to buy it on the PC. You could rephrase my question as - what have I missed as someone who has done most of his gaming on a computer?

What do you like about Dark Souls other than “you can play it for 100s of hours?”

You’ve missed a lot of Metal Gear Solid cutscenes.

You’ll have to be more specific on what you’re looking for in a game. For example, one game that fits your criteria is Fable 2. It’s not for everyone, but I think it’s really good, especially if you go in completely unspoiled. But would it necessarily appeal to someone who liked Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls? I have no idea. I loved both Demon’s Souls and Fable 2, but that doesn’t mean everyone will.

Another that fits the criteria is Crackdown. It’s fucking awesome. But does it have anything in common with Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls? Probably not.

Demon’s Souls is just as good, if not better.

If you enjoy the combat and difficulty of Dark Souls, Ninja Gaiden 1 is worth checking out as well.

It has many of the standard conventions in the CRPGs that I’ve played for years, but they’ve managed to combine it with a really good gamepad control system. Maybe I’m just tired of WoW-style key mashing, but I like building the template and then being in control over how well it does. I also like how the game doesn’t really have a cookie cutter model of success. There are different ways to win, so that it really comes down to one’s personal preference. The combination of those two things is enough to make the repetition built into the game not feel tedious.

God Hand (PS2).

Funny, I actually own both of those along with Fable 3. I collected some used games last year and Fable 3 came with the Xbox I bought recently, but I’ve yet to delve into any of them. I’m pretty open to games in general, there’s not really any genres I won’t touch. I do tend towards CRPGs, shooters and RTS games, though that may just reflect industry trends over the past ten years.

Someone mentioned Metal Gear Solid. I remember enjoying one of those game years ago, though it seemed like the developers popped a microdot or two when they were trying to finish it and just went with that. The ending made no sense at all, at least to me.

I really enjoyed mgs3? The snake eater one.

Culdcept Saga

I’ve had it for years and I still play it. It’s not as good as Dark Souls but it has staying power like no other game. I would say it would take you longer to complete than Dark Souls, probably much longer.

If you haven’t played it before, it’s a boardgame, collectable card game and stock market simulator all rolled into one.

You should look into Just Cause 2. It’s a bit different style, but holy crap is it fun once you master the grappling hook and chute.

I haven’t played it (yet) so I’m not sure, but maybe The Witcher 2?

Great first reply. I’d also like to nominate these two most excellent Sega RPGs.

I would also like to vote AGAINST Bethesda RPGs. They’re a different kind of beast, and a different kind of design methodology than something Japanese like Dark Souls. But if you’re gonna get a Bethesda game, Skyrim will be the way to go.

Also, while I haven’t played God Hand, it might just be the OP’s alley from all accounts.