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man, this effing Gwyn … I can parry the black nights, but I can’t parry him, he is too fast. And with blocking, he is draining my stamina so fast. And he hits 3-4 times in a row, usually I get hit with the last one because no stamina. Brutal.

I have 41 titanite chunks collected on my way, lots of black knight weapons … (I already have a Black Knight halberd +5 ) …

Solaire didn’t make it , to help me, went mad …



IIRC parrying him is kind of different than most enemies. You parry right as he starts the attack or something. Once you get it down he’s easier to parry than most things.

Or you can just beat him in the face without parries.



thanks, there is also the iron flesh tank method, that I might try



I stopped fighting those black knights, just running passed them… and new strategy: circle around that little rock and poke Gwyn. Tanking was not successful!



allright, I cheesed him to death behind a stone pillar, it was embarrassing. I just could not beat him. So I tried the little rock formation, too. But He jumped over it, then I used this man-high pillar, and I could even hit him through it with my halberd mostly. And he tried his grab, but could not get trough.

I think this fight was just too hard.



Weird how different playing styles seem to get hung up on different bosses, but for me Gwyn was one of the easier bosses. I had much, much more difficulty with the 4 kings and Ornstein & Smough (which I think I always used an NPC summons for) - and especially the DLC bosses. I never parried Gwyn either - think the key is just to be defensive and not get greedy on the number of swings you take when you get an opening.

Others, like the Iron Golem and the Butterfly or Undead Dragon, it’s hard to imagine killing you other than if you’re not paying attention, but any old Titanite Demon gave me trouble.



I don’t remember having too much trouble with Gwyn (final boss fight in Dark Souls’ main story). But I’m not a fair comparison since I was playing the Prepare to Die edition and had finished the DLC by that point. That probably made me a lot higher level than going into the Gwyn fight without tackling the DLC.

Now I’ll have to search through the thread to see if I wrote anything about the fight.

EDIT: Found it.

Looks like that was my only mention of the Gwyn fight.



I can usually only parry him on his first attack, never after that.

When I beat him (without magic) it usually involves a lot of hiding behind things while I heal and a great deal of patience.



Yeah, if memory serves I enchanted up one of those shining silver spears or whatnot and then attacked from behind a pillar as well.



I did a @rock8man and looked for my posts where I beat Gwyn. Half an hour later of reading the fun struggles I had beating the various bosses, and I got to this: (at the start I’m talking about finding Solaire’s summon sign nearby)

So yeah, I did it with Solaire, and charcoal resin on my weapon. Prior posts were all about how difficult he was to parry, dodge or tank.



Yeah, I also went down that rabbit hole this afternoon. Our journey through this game makes for an interesting read. At first I was all “wow, we talk in code almost, what the heck am I even talking about with all these names and finding titaniam whatsidoodle and upgrading my suchandsuch sword?” But then I kept reading and there’s enough detail in subsequent posts that it all started coming back to me.

I wonder why I never commented on Gwyn. It really must have been too easy to comment by that point. Apparently I was level 100 by the time I got to him, according to an earlier post, with 100 hours played.



Ha, glad it wasn’t just me. I’m thinking “Holy shit, I really went deep into this game! I’m so impressed at my former self!”



Recently picked up the remastered version (prepare to die ran like crap on my PC, so I never got past the gargoyles) and I think I’m in love. I can’t stop thinking about this game. I played through most of DS2 and had a great time (forgot where I left off) but that was years ago.

I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without having a souls game in active rotation.

So far I’ve rung the first bell, messed around in the Darkroot Garden a bit, blazed through the Capra Demon into The Depths, managed to navigate the sewers pretty well, and found … The Gaping Dragon. Holy hell is that sucker frightening.

Been rocking the Drake Sword and rando shield in either leather or black leather armor. I think I’m at the point where I’ve outleveled the Drake and I’m sitting on a lot of mats. Any advice for what weapon I should start upgrading? Been socking points into endurance and strength so far. Have a pretty low (13) dex.



Nice! God, I wish I could go back and play it for the first time.

Honestly, most normal weapons with a moveset you enjoy should outpace the Drake Sword once you start upgrading them past +5. In my playthrough, I used the bastard sword and the black knight halberd (but admittedly I was using magic for bosses).



I’m playing the game as I would Monster Hunter, so that means lots of dodge rolls and maneuvering, quick strikes and backing off. Drake Sword with a shield has worked well. I don’t want something that’s too slow, and I’d like to keep the shield.

I’m guessing Katana would have been a good fit, but I haven’t been putting any points into dex. I’ll save that for DS2.

I guess I’ll just mess around with the rather large collection of weapons I’ve accumulated and see what sticks. I was a bit clueless (and frankly afraid I’d waste mats) about upgrades until I did some brief reading on the internet.



You may run into a problem in the fact that high strength and low dexterity really pushes you toward the slower weapons – but more due to the scaling than the weapon’s requirements. And truthfully, most of the one-handed martial weapons are going to get at least a little bit of benefit from some dexterity.

So for example, the basic longsword has equal scaling for both strength and dexterity. So you’re going to get more damage out of it with 40 of both strength and dex than you would with 65 strength and 15 dex.

Compare that to the black knight sword, which scales more with strength than dexterity. As long as you meet the requirements to wield it, you could neglect dexterity and just focus on strength and still be getting most of the damage out of it.

So now that I’m thinking through it a little more completely, the basic club would actually be a great upgrade choice. It has great strength scaling and has a decently quick moveset, and you’d get to keep your shield. Or, if you want to go off the rails a little bit, you can use the Iron Golem soul to make a Dragon Bone fist weapon.



I haven’t gone toooo deeply in on strength yet I don’t think. Too late to start stacking dex? Will go for the club for sure, not sure how comfortable I’d be with a fist weapon, but I’ve never tried it, and it sounds cool!



It’s never too late, but as you already know, your soul cost from level-to-level grows, so new stat points are just going to come slower and slower.

Also worth noting that there are some diminishing returns on stat effectiveness. For strength and dexterity, you start getting slightly less benefit from each additional point after 30 points and considerably less after 50 points.

All this talk has me wanting to pick this up for the Switch. I’ve been hemming and hawing about it for a while now.



These are just the tips I’ve been looking for, thanks so much.



Weirdly the Remastered version wouldn’t run on my new PC, freezing over and over again at the first boss fight on the castle walls.

You will want to replace the drake sword eventually anyway as it is far from the best weapon. I had the first black knight you run into drop a Black Knight Sword in one playthru and I think I did end up using it the whole game. The other option is to kill the merchant early in the game and he drops a utchigatani.

After this you should really give DS3 a try. It is faster and the dodge role style fits even better.