Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


@Scott_Dobros you might be not finished with Blighttown yet … there is still some mystery to it… Do you play online? Some messages might acutally help ;)


Def online. When did the remaster come out? There are still TONS of people playing this game. Get invaded all the time. Plenty of sigils outside of boss encounters. Tips for days.

Gonna explore this terrifying new land of demons, then I’m going to head back to blighttown. I think there was some weird elevator contraption or some such thing I neglected in favor of treasure and the spider’s den.

Is that the mystery you speak of?


that too


Oh boy, thought I was done with BT. Guess not!


Blightown is not done with you, yet!


this is going to haunt you…


To be fair, wasn’t earlier complaints about blight town at least partially based on poor performance and didn’t the newest version fix that?


Oh??? WTF? I fear I’m missing something important…

No performances issues at all with the remaster, aside from some random frame hitches now and again.


in Dark Souls 3 I missed a complete area, because you had to use a certain gesture at a certain spot… I had to look online. I think FROM does this for replayability. On your second run you might notice something what you missed on your first run because you were busy with everything new…


It’s still pretty damn annoying. These days I skip most of it and I can’t say I miss it.

Scott, the secret in Blighttown is pretty easy to miss so I hesitate to let you flail at it. You could search for hours unless you’re looking in just the right spot. Keep an eye out for messages.


I’m not spoiler adverse, so please, gimme the goods ; )


Wait, you need to suffer a bit so you realize how dumb it is!

Hint: It’s an illusory wall somewhere on the bottom level. Look for messages.


Wait really? That doesn’t sound familiar. I wonder if I’ve just forgotten or if I never found this place.

Also Scott: I enjoyed my time in Blighttown too, so you’re not alone. We’ve both been made fun of by Tim James for enjoying Blighttown. It’s a club!


I would never make fun of anyone for having bad taste in level design.


Hmm, I found an Illusory somewhere near Q…is that it? Or are you talking, down down in the swamps?

Also, that last part of BT near the elevator/poison-mill was rough going. Freaking blowdart dudes everywhere!!

My brief stroll through the demon ruins ended right quick once a gigantic demon blob owned me. Think i’ll save that sucker for later. Had some weird name I can’t recall atm.


Look on the other side of the swamp from Quelaag’s lair.


This is torture :p


Shit. Back to Blighttown…


Look for a tree, more or less across from the bonfire, then explore and look for message, and don’t be afraid to hit a few tree trunks or tree interiors.

Vague but not to vague I hope.

Blightown in the original version was dark but had frame rate problems. It is probably the worst explore in the game, imitated by other areas in the sequels. There is a way to avoid it entirely, which is what I usually do in replaying the game.

Nice to hear there is a lot of action in the game. I think it came out last October or so? I just got an update on my video card so maybe I will try re-buying the game and seeing if that might have fixed my problems with it freezing.


The remaster was last May on everything but Switch. That was October.

It was already a revisit of Demons Souls 5-2, and a big improvement. This Blightown–with better draw distance and good framerate–is actually a really cool area but even in the base game it was more interesting than Lavatown.